How Climate Change Arrives
Dougald Hine

‘ I don’t want to doom you out’ is precisely the problem, those who know what’s in store don’t want to upset those who are comfortably numb, or, perish the thought, like some ‘end of the world is nigh’ exhibitionist, but the fact is, doom is what we’re facing, and no amount of pretending it’s all for our children’s children’s children’s children who’ll have to face it; it’s happening now, and all evidence points to the fact that scientists’ estimates are always far short of reality, and have to constantly be adjusted. I’ve spent my entire adult life aware of climate change and living as simply as possible as well as campaigning, but few want to pause their first degree pleasure seeking to pay attention.

I do want to doom people out, it seems unless it’s realised that this is actually an existential threat to homo sapiens, nothing will change. I’m beginning to think it’s rteallyu inevitable that homo sapiens will cause its own extinction along with the thousands of other species we consign to extinction every year. It might be best for Earth and all it’s other inhabitants if we do vacate the planet, leaving to evolution the appearance of another top predator, this time less selfish and destructively psychopathic than the naked ape.