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We built awesome framework for Node.js and great library for creating reusable components. Today is the day we publish our new open-source projects for free for everyone. The most important thing for us is to create applications easily and without complicated practices.

For creating web applications with help of Total.js or jComponent you don't need any special environment, just use only text editor. Forget about Gulp, Grunt, Bower, WebPack and other madness. Stop building and start developing — simple is good and this is the point for Total.js and jComponent.

Each product uses Total.js and jComponent. So let’s go …

Node.js: SuperAdmin

This is our answer to PM2 for Total.js applications. The application has only one depedency, Total.js.. Just install SuperAdmin on your Linux server and everything will work. SuperAdmin is amazing web application for administrating: Nginx web server+ Total.js applications. It supports generating Let’s encrypt certificates. Do you not believe?

For more information visit:

  • CPU utilization
  • sets NGINX configuration with best settings (SPDY/HTTP 2)
  • backup / restore
  • stop / restart application(s)
  • writes helpful system information
  • SuperAdmin doesn’t use any database and any dependencies

Node.js: HelpDesk

We moved business model to support in Total.js and jComponent. We have looked for Helpdesk software on the internet but we didn’t see any simple and cheap solution nowhere. So we wrote own HelpDesk web application and you can use it too for your business or customers for free.

For more information visit:

  • supports Markdown editor
  • supports Syntax code highlighting
  • supports drag & drop files
  • supports time tracking

All files are stored in PostgreSQL as pg_largeobject. The application uses file streaming, so it's very effective.

Node.js: Eshop + CMS

Eshop + CMS was paid software, but we moved it to MIT license and now Eshop + CMS is free for everyone without any restriction.

For more information visit:

  • eshop supports NoSQL embedded database, PostgreSQL or MongoDB
  • simple and customizable design
  • PayPal integration
  • and many more…

Download existing client-side JavaScript + CSS + HTML for free and without any restriction today. All components are under MIT license and you can use it everywhere.

For more information visit:

Are you interested?

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Our plans or near future

If you have money or you own a company — please support Total.js, your investment will be used for great things.

Our plan is to create more Total.js applications and modules like:

  • Dashboard application: like METABASE but as web application. The plan is to create application with widget system - for rendering data / charts from REST services or databases. The user can add / create / resize / move widgets in/for dashboard. We think that this application finds usage in enterprise sphere (for IoT or other reporting).
  • Module for exporting data to PDF: this module will be helpful for e.g. generating invoices in ecommerce. The idea is to generate PDF from HTML templates.
  • More jComponents: next plan is to create more client-side components for everyone and for free. Current state is around +89 components on
  • Improve documentations: we want to improve documentation for Total.js, SQLAgent and jComponent. We improve it continuously.
  • More blogs: we want to write helpful instructions how to create web applications with help of Total.js and jComponent … or how to optimize web applications for best performance and low consumption.
  • We want to offer paid support for all products: because this can be financial income for better development.

More information on

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