What is Download Garena Plus?

Download Garena Plus is a freeware communicating application where users can play online games and connect socially by chatting, meeting, sharing files and playing games with one another. It is however, designed mainly for gamers who wish to join groups, chat with others in their particular teams and to also share ideas between them.
This application can also be used with the sole purpose as an instant messaging client. It has nearly all of the basic functions that you could find on an instant messaging apps such as the ability to view your message history, send emoticons as well as to transfer files. Apart from that you can also create groups for chatting, start group chattings as well as join chat rooms which have public access levels.
You can also link your Facebook account into the instant messaging service so, that your friend list can be accessed and you can begin sending messages even to those friends who are available both on your social media account as well as on the Download Garena Plus application. The ability to customize your application provides you with the benefit of setting up statuses, using nicknames and to also change your display picture.
 One of the best things about Download Garena Plus is the ability to make voice calls simply by the use of one click, Not just individual calls, you can also make group calls with all those who use the Download Garena Plus application. Apart from making voice calls, Download Garena Plus also enables you to take screenshots of the game which can be shared among your friends who are online. The feature of taking screenshots is extremely useful when it comes to sending information to the other players involved in the game in order to respond to the circumstances in time.

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Pro’s Of Download Garena Plus

  • Gamers are allowed to communicate with each other during the game play
  • You are allowed to see the scores of the opponents

Con’s Of Download Garena Plus

  • Slow internet connections causes lags

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