What is Jailbreak iOS 11?

The iOS 11 was released by the Apple Company a little more than a week ago. Users are now able to experiment the first beta version which is compatible with iDevices. The new update includes a series of features which includes tricks which will make your iDevice appear more similar to a computer than any previous update. However, some of these features have previously been available on iOS devices which have been jailbroken or on Android way before Apple came up with them. Though the iOS 11 beta version has been made available a short period ago, it has already been cracked by jailbreakers. Security researchers have recently made the iOS 11 beta 2 jailbreak public during the Mobile Security Conference (MOSEC) 2017 in China. The jailbreak apparently appears to be a result of Liang Chen’s (Keen Security Lab of Tencent) work. Keen Security Lab of Tencent is a group that is security oriented and pays attention to the cutting edge security research related to applications, cloud computing technology, desktop PC or mobile OS’s etc.

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Provided that Keen Security Lab operates in the security field, it is unlikely that they will release their jailbreak for iOS 11 to the general public soon. However, chances are that they might share it with the Apple Company. Sharing the jailbreak for iOS 11 with the Apple Company would mean that awareness about the potential security gap in iOS 11 could be identified before its release. The Apple Company has been continuously playing a cat and mouse game with the jailbreaking community. Even on a couple of occasions, the Apple Company has spoken publicly about jailbreakers during times where they fixed possible vulnerabilities in iOS versions that have been available. However, Keen Security Lab of Tencent being capable of hacking iOS 11 definitely proves that it is possible to jailbreak iOS 11 without a doubt. The utility being used by Keen Security Lab of Tencent allows users to not only jailbreak iOS 11 but, also iOS 10.3.2 on different mobile types by the Apple Company. However, the hackers have not mentioned the vulnerability which they have made use of for confidential reasons.

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