Setting Up Theos on Linux

A lot of beginners in particular may be a bit curious on how to get Theos up and working on your Linux machine, in the matter of minutes I found my self running into some problems that people might discover so I decided why not spread my knowledge on how to get this up and running.

To start of with lets first edit our bashrc file by doing this you can simply open up your terminal and type vim ~/.bash_profile inside terminal and you should be prompted into an instance of Vim. Inside Vim simple copy and paste this into your ~/.bash_profile file (for the vim newbies simply hit the shift key and the insert key at the same time to paste)

export THEOS=/opt/theos
export PATH=$THEOS/bin:$PATH
export THEOS_DEVICE_IP= <iOS Device IP>

You can find your devices IP Address Under Wifi Settings

Ensure that your iDevice and Computer are both on the same network. After copy and pasting hit the escape key on your keyboard then type :wq After that go back into terminal and type “sudo mkdir /opt/theos”.

Go back into terminal and type

“sudo git clone git:// $THEOS”

here this will install Theos into the directory we are earlier.

Inside terminal type cd ~/Downloads and here we are going to go into your desired browser and download this and go back into Terminal and type.

“sudo cp -f ./ldid $THEOS/bin/ldid”

Inside Terminal we’re going to install the Cydia Substrate:

“mkdir substrate”
“dpkg-deb -x mobilesubstrate_0.9.6011_iphoneos-arm.deb substrate”
“sudo mv substrate/usr/lib/* $THEOS/lib/”

Note: You must have dpkg installed, if you’re on Ubuntu or most common Linux Distros you must likely may have it. For me I did not so I had to install it via AUR since I am using Arch Linux.

Download the iOS SDK and inside terminal type in sudo mkdir $THEOS/sdk this is where we are going to add the iOS SDK into Theos.

cd ~/Downloads
tar xvf iPhoneOS8.1.sdk.tbz2
sudo cp -r ~/Downloads/iPhoneOS8.1.sdk $THEOS/sdk

Create an Alias for There (Optional)

If you don’t want to go through the annoying task of manually having to type $THEOS/bin/ inside terminal just to start the NIC Wizard to create your application, tweak, etc. Then inside terminal you can type in vim ~/.bashrc and add alias theos=’$THEOS/bin/’ anywhere inside the file. So you can simply type in “theos” into terminal and startup the NIC Wizard.

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