Thoughts on the“Bernie or Busters”

I have a few thoughts on the Bernie or Bust “movement”. Spoiler alert: most of them are fairly negative.

I supported Bernie in the primaries. I liked his message, I liked his unwillingness to go dirty when presented the option in a debate. I still like Bernie. But sometimes elections don’t go your way. Primary elections often don’t go your way.

And after they don’t go your way, you have some choices to make.

In many ways, the Buster movement is about the most “straight white, relatively affluent suburban kid” thing that could possibly be. In a more charitable light, it’s the first time a lot of Busters have voted in a primary, and it’s hard to lose. In a less charitable light, there’s more than a titch of, “I’m not going to face any drastic consequences should Trump get elected, so screw all those people who will. It’s worth it so I can have a political tantrum.”

Well guess what? There are some of us whose civil rights and very lives are on the line. I for one will not have my hard-fought right to marriage revoked by a straw-thatched bigot with a shriveled jack-o-lantern for a head.

And I will not stand by as fellow citizens are demonized and attacked for their religion. I will not stand by as a racist liar and demagogue tries to stir up anti-black, anti-latino, anti-anyone-who-isn’t-white sentiment against my fellow Americans.

Some of us stand to lose big if Trump wins. Plenty stand to lose much more than I do. I will not let that happen, not if I can do anything about it.

By Evil Erin [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons