Your Life is Not Wrong

As you go through life — even day-to-day — there are going to be dozens of people you encounter who think the way you live is wrong.

And you, being human, are going to think the way dozens of other people live is wrong.

This might be strong language.

You may be reading it and thinking that there’s no way you would ever think somebody else’s way of living is wrong, but let’s accept that we have all — you, me, the Dalai Lama — looked upon somebody who was doing things differently from us, or who believes in something we don’t believe in, or made a choice we don’ t agree with and passed judgement.

That’s what judgement is, right?

Believing that the other person is wrong, somehow.

They made a wrong choice. They believe in the wrong thing. They have a personality trait that is “wrong”.

It would be silly for me to tell you to stop passing judgement on others, or to tell you that you need to re-wire your brain to always look at what other people are doing as right.

But I think it’s reasonable for all of us — everybody reading this, all decent human beings — to accept that what is wrong for us is right for somebody else.

And to ask anybody who doesn’t share our values, beliefs and even personality to conform to our version of right is asking them to stop being their authentic selves.

Have you ever looked at somebody who doesn’t prioritize family or friends and think they have their priorities out of place? I know I have.

Have you ever looked at somebody who doesn’t want to travel and thought they were closed-minded? I have.

Have you ever thought that somebody who loves fashion or makeup is superficial? Me, too.

But I was wrong by thinking that they were living life wrong. What is important to me doesn’t have to be important to them.

What would be wrong, for them, is if they lived my right.

And since we’re our own worst critics and we all feel as if our own truth is wrong, sometimes, you must know:

Whatever is important to you is not wrong.

If makeup and fashion is important to you, that’s not wrong.

If money and prestige is important to you, that’s not wrong.

Your personality, your beliefs, your passions and interests…you are not wrong.

You are living your own right.

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