COACHING: Reality is Subjective.

Are you looking at the picture above? Pay attention. Looking from where you stand, this kid may look sad to you while playing with his teddy bear all alone. You may assume he’s like that because no one wants to play with him. Right?

Well, what if I say to you that he’s not living this reality? What if I say to you that to this kid, his teddy bear is truly his best friend and it is filling his life with many moments of fun and joy, moments that many people who do have friends are not having?

“Peterson, what does this all have to do with Coaching”?

Simple. I’ll prove to you that your Reality is actually subjective.

Don’t believe me? Then read the next hypothetical story.

QUICK STORY: Assume two guys must attend to a company’s party. Two employees. They work for the same company. And they have to go there for say, political reasons. They want to cause good impressions to their bosses just because these employees want to stay on their radar, so they can get the next promotion. The thing is though…..that these two guys are different. One is an extrovert, while the other one is an introvert.

The extrovert will probably be thinking:

Man! The next party this company is making will be AWESOME! Girls, drinks, my bosses will be there, I’ll be able to talk about the next promotion…it will be GREAT!!!

While the introvert, will likely be thinking:

Oh man……I’ll have to attend to that company’s party man. Just because of political issues. I’ll have to talk with a few people here and there, then end up at the bar drinking all by myself. These will be the WORST hours of my life.

Now, what do you need to notice here? Simple:

  • they’ll be in the same environment
  • they’ll be listening to the same music
  • they’ll be eating the same food and drinking the same drinks
  • and they’ll be dealing with the same people.

The physical REALITY will be the same, but their experiences will be…

Totally different.

But why is that? Why? Well, because our reality is actually inside our minds. We create our realities in life. That’s the truth.

Therefore, reality is actually SUBJECTIVE. Period. No one can change your world nor your reality if your mind doesn’t allow it to change. If you embrace the negative, then the negative frame becomes your day. If it’s the positive frame, then the positive mood takes over. Because it’s you who is running the show of your life. Makes sense now?

The next hypothetical — but very real — life examples will reinforce this to you.

Is your company running out of money? Relax, it’s not reaching bankruptcy, it’s just in the middle of a challenge, a game, in which you cannot use money to win. You’re going through this moment just to learn how to get out of this situation, so you can put this experience in your Best-Seller afterwards. The lack of money you’re now having, is just an experience that will enable you to TEACH other entrepreneurs how to get out of such big challenges. You’re training to be a hero to many.

Are you with a terminal disease? Relax, this is just a temporary thing, you’ll be miraculously healed afterwards like all those other real life stories. This is just happening so you can give more attention to your family, friends and all other simple things of life that make us truly happy and fulfilled. Love and family are your new world.

People are calling you crazy because of your dreamy spirit? Relax, you’re just one of those pretty rare guys, who will disrupt or create a brand new industry like Steve Jobs and Henry Ford did. People are calling you crazy so you can realize that you need to find a new social circle that fits your spirit. Mediocre people call someone who is great, “crazy”.

Do you see? Reality IS subjective. It’s you who call the shots. You define how well you’re doing in life and where exactly you are while others try to define your state. You sell your life to yourself and no one else has this power.

That’s what I wanted to quickly teach you here.

Because having such mental skill changes you. Allows you to DOMINATE over circumstances in life. There’s no bad situation that you can’t reframe to your favor. It was because of this skill alone that Viktor Frankl was able to reframe his reality while going through degrading conditions in the Auschwitz concentration camp, which you can read in his book that sold over 10 million copies, Man’s search for Meaning.

Now think. If Viktor, a man who suffered inhuman stuff in a concentration camp, was able to reframe his whole reality, then……don’t you think you can reframe yours?

Like I said before, it’s your call.

Change your mind. Change your reality.

Dominate your life.

Take care.

This was a #petersonteixeirasnote about #Coaching originally posted on the official Business Facebook Page as a note: Coaching: Reality is Subjective.
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