COACHING: The Legendary You

There’s no smart mind in this Earth that never asked itself: “WHY AM I HERE?”. None. Zero. Because most people feel like they should be doing something else, something better, greater and happier with their own lives. Doesn’t it? But the thing is that problems and adversity tend to steal their attention and focus, blocking people’s true sight. Daily. Bit by bit, stealing their whole lives minute per minute.

And here’s why this happens: Because there are MANY lies the world tells you.


“You cannot do this”, “You are not special”, “You cannot have it all” etc. And since most people tend to believe in those lies, putting their dreams on an unreachable shelf inside their heads and giving up the chance to live an actual LIFE, then people assume all these lies the world tells are all true.


The attack is on Faith. The world strikes your belief system, reframes your mind and make you believe that such life is what is really normal. Unfortunately. The thing is that you’re living something you know is the wrong path. You just know. Life is something that doesn’t appeal to you. A life, that doesn’t look like LIFE.

But why that works?

Answer: Because you haven’t found out who is the REAL YOU. You don’t know your exact purpose, you don’t know your life’s meaning, who you really are and how you can maximize your influence over others.

Because the world never teaches you this.

But enough. Let’s find out who you really are in this world.


Picture your ideal world. And your ideal life inside of it. What do you defend? What do you stand for? If I gave you authority over a neighborhood, a country or even a continent, how would people be living there? Free of corruption? Full of Justice? In a place where Freedom and Creativity are constantly preached so people can become free and work with whatever they want?

I don’t know. It’s your world. I don’t know what you defend.

But let’s not stop there.

You also need to picture your ideal life inside this very world.

Everything you want. The best beach house. The best wife/husband. The best family. The best income. The best body. The best influence over other people. The best cars…..EVERYTHING. Leave nothing behind in this part, because you’re allowed to “go crazy” here. Picture an ideal life for you and for the ones you care about.

Remember this whole marvelous world which creates this “dream life” of yours, and let’s continue.


Now we begin. Here comes a harsh reality: A RULE to live that whole “dream life” demands something from you. It demands you to give something to many other human beings FIRST, to then receive something in return. Right? Because first, you must give so then you can receive. You give a lot of value first, to then receive a lot of good stuff from others like money, recognition, and respect for example.

Therefore, you cannot achieve that dream life of yours, if you’re not yet…

The BEST version of yourself. That’s my point.

You must evolve your personality and skills to be able to serve people better and provide enough value so they can give back to you.

Hence, here’s another question:

WHAT IS the best version of yourself?

If you could build yourself in a computer, what it would look like?

Smarter? Faster? Bolder? Fearless? Maybe you’re an Entrepreneur or a Fighter or a Respected Teacher, I don’t know. Only you can tell this story here. Only you can define how you would consider yourself…..”perfect”.

Now follow my lead.


If you want to become an Entrepreneur for example, THEN WHAT is missing in you for you to become one? What exactly? Can you tell? What would you add to your current self, your personality and/or skills in a computer if you could that would definitely push you to become one? Because money is not the answer here.

Maybe it’s action. Do you need to take action and send 2,000 emails to CEOs? Do you need to write 100,000 lines of code? Do you need to write 1,000 articles? Think about. Is it even work? Because maybe you just need more balls to explore some opportunities that lie outside your beloved comfort zone?

THINK about that. To be complete, what is missing right now?

  • I just have to write 100,000 lines of code
  • I just have to write 1,000 articles
  • I just have to send 2,000 emails
  • I just have to be bolder and take action that breaks your comfort zone

After you just identified the reasons that you’re missing to become “more complete”, then head to the ultimate question.


What is holding you back on this? Is it FEAR? Is it TRAUMA? What is exactly? You need to find out why you’re not taking the actions that you already know you should because that is the root for taking your life to the next level.

Because if you just need to send some emails to some CEOs, and you’re afraid of it, then beating this “invisible barrier of fear of sending emails” inside your head is the only thing you need to do, to make a shift to a life you thought was impossible to have before.

Get the point?

It may be just 2 simple actions. Two actions might drastically change your world. Your reality. Your vision of life itself. Two simple actions. Think about how illogical it is to remain in a state of living in which you hate when two actions can destroy all the negativity around you. Two.

Therefore, if you overcome these points, your life changes.


With these 4 questions, you can pretty much find out what are the key points in which you need to improve to experience something entirely new, unbelievable, and news-worthy in your life.

Because the purpose of life is not to stay here and suffer for no reason.

The purpose of life is to become A Legend.

A Legend that will help many. A Legend that will take care of others and spread Good in the world. Someone who will leave a mark in his own Era and show to everybody his true potential.

That is the goal you should have in mind: To become Legendary.

And the Real You is Legendary for sure.

Become the real, you my friend.

Take care.

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