ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The 3 Possible Reasons Why You’re Facing Hardships in Business

If you’re an Entrepreneur and you haven’t yet faced money loss, extreme confusion, abysmal doubts, mental struggles, financial hits or business lawsuits, then you haven’t experienced business nor started in Entrepreneurship at all.

Sorry to tell you that, but that’s the truth.

And I always like telling people the truth.

But if you have gone through some stuff, then I bet you probably asked yourself:


I know I know, I’ve been there. Seriously. I struggled to understand why lowsy moments happen to people like us, and well, now that I have far more experience I can answer that question properly to you.

And since no one was there to explain this to me, I believe that only by reading this you’ll definitely calm yourself down, reload your energies and put you back in the game with full power.

Here’s why hard moments come at you in Entrepreneurship, my friend.

REASON #1: You Need To LEARN Something

Once you take a hit or you’re in the midst of some sort of dark place while running your business, you can bet for sure that one of the reasons WHY you’re going through this moment (that you hate so much), is because you need to learn something.

Just pay attention for a second here, reflect on what I just said and look back in your business timeline. Do your homework on your own life.

I ask you: After every setback, haven’t you learned a really important lesson? Haven’t you learned something KEY that made you completely change your next business moves? Haven’t you mastered something or fixed an important part of your business after storms came at your way in the past?

Failures, hardships are always trying to teach us something, like Bill Gates likes to say:

It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of FAILURE — Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

Look, maybe you’re failing in Sales, in Marketing, or in managing your business and all that scenario is only trying to teach you something important. The question is: Are you paying attention to these lessons in front of your face? Are you trying to figure those out? Are you even considering that you’re inside a learning context?!

Because remember: The School of Entrepreneurship IS REAL LIFE.

Am I lying here? Tripping? Definitely not. Because you cannot “graduate” in Entrepreneurship. You just can’t. Although certain Business-related Universities try to mimic entrepreneurship, the fact is that they will never show you the harsh reality of it. Never. Real life is what teaches you true entrepreneurship because after all, you cannot mimic family or health problems, for instance.

The true school of entrepreneurship is the real world.

You already know this. It’s life itself. Period. Therefore, when you’re facing something difficult in your business career, do not pay attention to the problem itself but analyze the whole context in what you’re in instead.

Such approach will make you learn faster whatever lessons you need to learn to get back to normal and kick some ass in business. The faster you learn, the faster you get up. And don’t forget that you’ll get up stronger as well.

But this is not the only reason.

REASON #2: You Need To CHANGE Some of Your Moves

Eventually when you’re grinding and hustling to get what you want in business, most of your results will tank. Overnight. This is not a sign for you to give yourself up to desperation, but rather a sign for you to realize that there’s a new move you need to make to start making progress again.

Just view it like this:

  • Sales started to drop? Good! Time to learn how to MASTER Sales, Cold Calling, Cold Emailing and every other sales moves you currently don’t master.
  • Traffic started to tank? Awesome! Learn what new marketing channels you can explore to bring traffic that no one is paying that much attention to.
  • Marketing is not working anymore!? Great! Then it’s time to see what other marketing strategies are out there, waiting to be executed by someone a little bit crazy and creative (like yourself)

Realize this rule also puts you in a more creative, more courageous mindset because every problem becomes just a trigger to explore new ways to succeed in business. You start to explore the business world very differently, and finding other ways to do the same thing (better or differently) shows you there are certain things that 90% of the marketplace is not noticing at all. It’s easier to become “the genius”. Makes sense?

Look, this section sums up what Einstein himself said a while ago:

INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results — Albert Einstein — World Renowned Scientist

The same actions won’t give you the same results forever. Eventually. Remember that Entrepreneurship is only learned through living life itself? Then when you face some hardships you must welcome it as a NEW CHALLENGE. Period.

It’s an indicator that there’s a different path ready to be explored that you’re missing out, which will likely push you forward really fast if you find it. It’s like finding a way where nobody is looking that has a lot of gold hidden inside. Is that simple.

Therefore, you just have to pay attention to the fact that whenever things get blocked for you in business, there’s always a new move you can make. Some weird, crazy, too different and out-of-the-book action that will change things for you.

Because winners always find a way to win. Somehow, that’s the truth. No exceptions. Winners win. You just have to consider different moves to take. That’s it.

Now here’s the final reason. Pay attention to this next one.

REASON #3: You Need The Experience To Become A True Positive INFLUENCE To Others Afterwards

This is where things get more spiritual. If you notice, the influences of your life influenced you because they connected to you thanks to a very strong emotional bond. Right? The people you admire, the people you follow, the famous people you take advice from, became big icons in your life especially because of the problems they overcame in their own lives.

The success your influencers had, only reinforces to you that DESPITE the problems, you can still win. So it motivates you to move forward in low energy, low faith days. Or do you disagree with me here?

I bet you don’t.

Because we only connect with those who “understands us”. Those who felt what we are feeling right now. For instance, if you lost your parents while at a very young age, then it’s far more likely that you’ll listen to entrepreneurs, writers, public speakers, sportsmen who have experienced the very same experience in life.

Makes sense? Then here’s the actual problem:

The thing is that you NEVER assume that YOU ARE THE INFLUENCE to others now.

Right? We don’t treat ourselves as “the next best-seller which will impact millions” because we always tend to believe that we are just “normal” human beings. Not special people. Not that different. Not “these kinds of successful people”.

Lies. Big lies you’re telling yourself, friend.

Because guess what? Some of your hardships will only come at your way so you can go through the experience to later in life, help younger people to win their battles as well. You’re the next guy. You’re the next influence. You’re going through some stuff that will motivate “ordinary people” to take action towards their dreams.

But to be able to “hit” these people with your influence, you’ll need to:

  • experience heavy money loss in business and find a way out to win anyway
  • experience betrayal by business partners and friends
  • experience poverty your whole life and then win the game anyway

Influence. Sometimes it’s all about getting baggage for getting influence over others. Because if you don’t have the problems, the scars, the battles then how could you influence and motivate other people to embrace their dreams and deny mediocrity? How? If you haven’t experienced the same things they’re experiencing now?

Tony Robbins used to sleep in his car because he had no money at all, not even to buy FOOD! His “strategy” to survive at the time was to eat as much as he could, to “stock food” in his body because of his financial conditions. And that’s just the tip of the Iceberg. Those who know his life story agree that ALL Tony Robbins hardships are very impressive!

But now………now you know who he is. He’s one of the best Entrepreneurs and public speakers in the whole world. Now, he motivates you.

Do you want another example?

Eric Thomas used to live in abandoned buildings and eat food out of trash cans. Hardcore problems? Definitely. But now he’s one of the best motivational speakers in the world.


Grant Cardone used to have drug problems, lost his father at the age of 10 and now he’s a highly successful entrepreneur and one of the best salesmen in the world.

But……if those things were not on their resumés, they wouldn’t affect you as much, would they? That’s how INFLUENCE works. You need the background, the problems, the scars, the imperfect side to push others to move forward.

The same thing is now happening to YOU!

You’re now facing things that have the goal to make you a lot stronger while at the same time, will push others to take the same path you took in the future. The brave path that has big rewards. The path only courageous people embrace. Because you’re no less than all these examples I gave. Or do you think you’re less than Tony robbins or similar people?

You’re not less.

You’re going through stuff they went, or similar problems, maybe even WORSE problems! Then why do you believe only the bad stuff is equal? Why think you cannot match them? Why haven’t you noticed that these problems are part of your NY Times best-seller yet, just like it happened with your heroes?

Your hardships are just a page in a book. Your book.

Because once you realize this simple rule in Entrepreneurship, you start to face all hardships as challenges. Not as problems. It encourages you to overcome this phase, like if you were inside a Mario game. It’s not really real, it’s just a situation that is telling you some hints which you need to take, so you can turn things around and win.

Is that simple, my friend.


Conclusion? ALL THESE 3 REASONS will teach you some valuable lessons in business. But you need to have the right approach when things start to get hard and try to crack the code, by understanding your context faster so you can experience progress once again and CRUSH what is holding you back.

Life doesn’t work like a normal University. Remember that.

It’s way harder, it demands a lot from you, especially in business. This is why you need to really put your mind into it and understand how the game works. But once you do that, everything becomes crystal clear allowing you to view the situation as it really is….

Just another Challenge. A challenge in the game of Life.

Take care

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