ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The Abysmal Difference Between Businessman and Entrepreneur

There is a huge difference between a business owner and an entrepreneur. If you notice your sources of influence, you’ll see that some guys stand out aggressively in comparison with business owners who are not inspiring at all. You don’t quote rich friends who own businesses, do you? But you do quote those who write Best Sellers and build empires.

But why is that? What is the difference?

The difference is their FOCUS.

While the business owner is focusing on money, the Entrepreneur is thinking about transforming a vision, a dream into a reality. One is only looking at the numbers while the other one is thinking about the numbers but is far more concerned about his vision coming to life. Money becomes secondary for the true Entrepreneur.

Like I said, you don’t share quotes of people who are rich. You don’t. You share quotes of people who inspire greatness and inspire you to take action. Right? Am I lying here? Definitely not. People pay attention to those who are living a COMPLETE life, something they would like to live for themselves which usually means to be happy, have a wealthy life and push others who are still struggling to win to achieve their own dreams as well.

Therefore, why the “business world” has more businessman than entrepreneurs? Why are we worrying all the time about the ROI, about the KPI and other metrics when we should be worrying about changing the existence of people for the better while we crush the lies the world preaches to us?

QUICK ANSWER: Because people lack FAITH.

Faith is one of the main reasons why many entrepreneurs become businessman after a while, and it’s also why many employees will ditch their jobs to pursue a business career based on proven formulas only, gained from expert advice. A businessman is always afraid of thinking by himself. He kills his essence. He can’t put faith in his own ideas. He is just a follower, not a true, original leader.

Because a businessman only cares about making his money and he only trusts proven formulas to make his moves.

The Entrepreneur on the other hand, only cares about his vision turning into a reality. He cares about inspiring others to live the best life they should be living, and he executes his life purpose. He fulfills his why on Earth.

Both have a completely different goal. And the curious thing is that entrepreneurs make much more money than businessmen if you pay attention to the facts, putting those who embrace their life purpose at a higher level in society. If you read about Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Henry Ford and similar guys, you feel the difference. They have money for sure, but they also have a purpose behind them. A meaning. A motive that actually gives them a truly successful life.

There’s a difference between true success VS fake success.

This also proves that faith is the real spiritual power you must master if you really want to grow in life. Do your homework on truly successful entrepreneurs and you’ll always find moments where Faith was the only way out.

This is why I say to my customers who wanna-be entrepreneurs that mastering Faith is one of the main duties they have, since it’s because of Faith alone that you can beat many challenges in your entrepreneurial career.

Out of money? Not a problem, this is just temporary. Maybe you need to learn how to beat the challenge and you can’t use money to do it. Out of personnel? Not a problem, there’s a way out for sure using the current team you have, maybe you need to trust on someone a little bit more to discover his new skills.

Economic crisis? So what? There are opportunities hidden out there, you just have to dig a little bit. Something really bad just happened? Relax, that will be the chapter of your best-seller book.

The problem is that the world trains you to present results and that’s it. It’s lifeless. It’s spiritually weak. The world doesn’t encourage new entrepreneurs who are using faith as a gasoline for their endeavors. In fact, if you’re acting based on Faith nowadays then you’re probably being called “Crazy”.

Sounds about right?

But it’s the crazy people who have built everything that is interesting around us. I always prefer dealing with “crazy entrepreneurs” than with “down-to-earth” businessmen. Always. Businessmen tend to be boring, lifeless and have no fire in their eyes to make something great with their own lives. That’s a sad reality for them.

Whilst the entrepreneur is always talking about his crazy ideas and pushing and moving people forward to help him accomplish his projects. Because his projects, are not only based on making money, but based on helping and inspiring people as well. It’s actually about THE PEOPLE and not the pocket. There’s a huge difference.

In the end, you need to understand the following as quick as possible:

  • You’ll die eventually, your life has an end
  • You can invest your hours in projects that can create IMPACT, and CHANGE people’s minds for the better or in projects that can transfer you some money and that’s it.
  • The key to success lies in finding ways to take care of other people. If you’re putting something else in front of this, then you have not yet understood the concept of Entrepreneurship. We are all here to serve each other.

We are all here because of other people. Success depends on other people recognizing your work and presenting you with their time and money. Therefore, life itself comes down to this:

You’re either alive to IMPACT other lives and inspire them to improve and live greatness, or you’re here to make some money transfers until you stop existing

A true Entrepreneur will usually write books, articles and do other activities that make him no money in comparison with what he makes, but he does it anyway just because he wants to help. A businessman will only move his finger if money is involved.

Therefore, the businessman is selfish while the entrepreneur is altruist. And unfortunately the business world is filled with at least 90% of selfish people. Why do you think many businessmen are considered evil or deceptive?

But do you think this bad reputation would prevail if all business people were true entrepreneurs and vision-oriented like Tony Robbins, Richard Branson or Elon Musk? Negative. Being in business would be the same as joining the military. Pure honor. While entrepreneurs build, soldiers protect what was build.

I’ll end this with a final question to you: So which one are you?

A person who is trying to execute a vision, a dream, that you know that will change other lives? Or someone who is just trying to get into people’s pockets?

A businessman, or an Entrepreneur?

Make the right choice. You have one life. Don’t waste it.

Take care.

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