Facebook’s algorithm isn’t surfacing one-third of our posts. And it’s getting worse
Kurt Gessler

I recently made a big decision: No more posts, except through Facebook Messenger. The only way to actually reach your entire audience is through Messenger now and thanks to https://api.ai/ you can create a powerful bot that can interact with each user without much effort and deliver content to them.

Well, for sure Facebook is manipulating its entire algo to benefit the brands that are feeding them. Since thousands of brands are doing massive layoffs worldwide, and the majority of these people are becoming online entrepreneurs, the amount of business PER user has increased A LOT.

Therefore, Facebook has to push brands to pay because after all, we’re using its business. But I believe there’s way more to this. Recently I saw on Reddit a few cases that lost 50% of their audience (around 120k fans). I wouldn’t doubt that Facebook is taking a few fans and putting on the facebook pages that pay money to boost posts and more.

This wouldn’t surprise me, because the dirt I’ve seen in the business world in my entire life is astonishing.

Always use social networks. Don’t let them use you.

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