MARKETING: The One Result That Your Marketing Must Generate So You Can Stay Playing The Game

Many people think about Marketing as something overly complicated. Something that takes years to learn properly. Something only the Champions of Creativity can master. Well, despite Marketing nowadays being a very different (and bigger) area than it used to be 15 years ago due to Digital Marketing, losing the feeling that Marketing is actually easy is understandable after the arrival of things such as SEO, Social Media and other stuff.

But do you want to hear the truth?

Marketing STILL remains the same.

It hasn’t changed, it only has gained more channels to spread marketing messages. That’s it. Because Marketing is always about delivering a message properly. Period. That’s what Marketing does, it shoots a message to a person and that person should respond to your message with some sort of action like Buy, Share, Comment etc.

But there’s ONE RESULT that Marketing has to generate every single time before everything else in order to work:


Sounds silly, doesn’t it? Nonetheless, I have been seeing many brands preparing huge marketing campaigns, very detailed and all very well-designed with several strategies ready to strike audiences. Nothing wrong so far, but to give an example, all that marketing power was aimed to be unleashed on Pinterest.

Now here comes the problem.

The thing is that, like many others companies, Pinterest doesn’t fit. Why? Because over 80% of its users are all women and these brands are targeting MEN. They want to sell to male managers or CEOs or male models, but not women.

Now I ask you: Do you think companies like these above, even after spending thousands of dollars on Pinterest will get their target audience’s attention? You know that the answer is “probably not”.

That’s is the first error I see a lot. People assume that because Facebook has over 1.79 Billion users (for instance) then it means that all their clients are there, ready to buy their stuff. But they forget that The Art of Marketing is all about getting people’s attention. The right way. Because if your Marketing is NOT doing this, then it’s only generating NOISE.

Seems pretty obvious, right? Yet, people are shooting to kill when in fact there’s no one there to even pay attention to your shootings.

If you’re not getting attention, then there’s no point doing all that strategic Marketing. You gotta get people’s attention.

Which lead us to a new and controversial point of view as you’re about to read next.


I believe you read the subtitle above and what instantly came to your mind was the word “SPAM”. Am I right? Well, in a sense, you may be right. Sometimes it may be considered spam. HEY, sometimes people consider MY BRAND as spam.

But let me give you some real, hardcore context and insights that will allow you to understand what I’m about to say a little bit better, and why “spam” is not always spam:

Ok, keep these stats in mind from now on. First things first: you already know that “Getting people’s attention” is the 1st goal of any Marketing message. But now you also know that hordes of individuals are invading the Internet right after being fired to start an online business.

Add these facts to the reality that there’s a massive amount of content being uploaded on Youtube alone, along with the attention span users have online and you get yourself a very DIFFERENT and highly COMPETITIVE scenario than what all business owners lived just 5 years ago.

Now I ask you: In this new, crowded, warfare-like business scenario which you now live, do you think getting your customer’s attention will be easier or harder?

If every human being can create a website, an e-commerce store, or start any other online project that may render him money, then his means that your competition just shifted from a few millions to BILLIONS.

OK! But what does this all has to do with Marketing, Peterson?!

Remember the rule of Marketing? You gotta get people’s attention.

Hence, to get people’s attention nowadays you’ll need to take REALLY MASSIVE ACTION to be able to just spread your message across the world. Just to play. Just to be recognized as a player. You MUST YELL much more than what your old mentors said it was necessary for getting results, because the game has completely changed.

Therefore, what I want you to notice here is this:

If your Marketing is NOT getting people’s attention, you’re definitely doing it wrong!

That’s the point here. Yes, new tools appeared, Social Media appeared, and everything you need to succeed as an Entrepreneur is at a very low cost now. But as you noticed, your competition has also outnumbered the past generations like never before.

What’s the way out, then?


You need people’s attention. You need to shoot Ads and marketing messages and eyeballs need to pay attention to your efforts. Right? Therefore, you must be very impressive nowadays to steal the thunder of your competition.

So here’s the way out.

You can figure this out by just observing how you pay attention to ads and marketing campaigns, by just deconstructing good marketing campaigns and advertising. Nonetheless, I’ll give you the “shortcut” you need to know to play the new game like a true master.

Here’s what will work in today’s world:

THE NEW MARKETING = Creativity + Boldness + Strategy + Massive Action
  • Creativity gets people’s attention. People stop to see creative stuff.
  • Boldness obviously gets people’s attention, and usually generates powerful word of mouth (good or bad) which is the best type of Marketing. Do something bold and people will notice you.
  • Strategy tells you how to bypass the noise to put yourself in a spot where you have the chance to grab people’s attention. If you have a good strategy, you can position yourself right in front of the customer’s face which will maximize your message’s impact.
  • And Massive Action guarantees results/responses. Because if you unleash highly effective marketing messages to 100.000 potential customers, it’s highly unlikely that you don’t generate any revenue. It’s a numbers game. Eventually you win when shooting for the masses.

All these combined allows you to GET ATTENTION.

Doesn’t matter how may are playing. If you’re creative (original), bold (courage/impressive), strategic (smart/intelligent) and relentless (aggressive) then you’ll cut through the noise. Period.

THE FINAL QUESTION: Are You Getting People’s Attention?

Are you? Because if you’re not, you better recalibrate your Marketing. Probably one of the 4 pillars I mentioned is missing some tweaks. And since many of us learned that everything that is more aggressive is “spam”, then it’s highly likely that your actions are not even close enough to cut through the noise.

A reality many fail to notice today.

But why? Because the noise is too loud. Too loud. And people don’t understand how crowded the market really is. This is why you must push much harder to get a bigger time window of attention just to be seen nowadays. After all, too many people are in your way right now.

Forget the “this is what the experts recommend’. Do your creative moves.

Forget the “this is putting myself at risk”. Do BOLD moves.

Forget the “spaghetti mentality”. Think before you move.

And finally, FORGET the “this is spam” mentality. Because as you can see, normal activity does not work anymore in a world where almost everybody in the world is joining the game of business. It’s time to shift gears and be way more aggressive. If you want, of course, results out of your Marketing efforts.

Remember: Marketing is about getting attention!

Zero attention, zero sales.

Take care.

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