Why is Russell Wilson never even mentioned in this article that is talking about black…
Trever Phelan

The only people “afraid” are racists. And I completely agree with Trever as to the racist perceptions created by excluding Wilson from the discussion. Personally, I don’t like showboating in general, especially when it’s unwarranted - AND I DON’T CARE about the colour of the person doing it. Some of Newton’s behaviour comes across as attention-seeking and selfish, but I do like that he gives balls to kids after a TD.

Should every athlete and sports team strive to be like, say, the Spurs of the NBA? It would give the media a great deal less to write about, and I suppose things could become boring, which is not good for leagues wanting to have filled arenas and stadiums. I just hope that showboating does not become so commonplace that THE ACTUAL GAME gets lost in the shuffle.

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