RESTful API Design Tips from Experience

A working guide of API design tips and trend evaluations.

Peter Boyer
May 31, 2017 · 13 min read



Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)


Use HTTP Methods

Image for post

Use Plurals

// DO: plurals are consistent and make sense
GET /v1/posts/:id/attachments/:id/comments

// DON'T: is it just one comment? is it a form? etc.
GET /v1/post/:id/attachment/:id/comment

Use Nesting for Relationship Filtering

Use More of your “Route-Space”

Use the Authorisation Context to Filter

Use a “Me” Endpoint

Provide Pagination

“From” Parameter

Next Page Token


Use Envelopes

// DO: enveloped
data: [
{ ... },
{ ... },
// ...

// DON'T non-enveloped
{ ... },
{ ... },
// ...
// enveloped, error extraction from payload
const { data, error } = payload
// processing errors if they exist
if (error) { throw ... }
// otherwise
const normalizedData = normalize(data, schema)

JSON Responses and Requests

Return the Updated Object

Use 204 for Deletions

DELETE /v1/posts/:id
// response - 204
"data": null

Use HTTP Status Codes and Error Responses

for Data Errors

for Auth Errors

for Standard Statuses

Field Validation Errors

POST /v1/register
// request
"email": "end@@user.comx"
"password": "abc"
// response - 422
"error": {
"message": "One or more fields raised validation errors."
"fields": {
"email": "Invalid email address.",
"password": "Password too short."

Operational Validation Errors

POST /v1/register
// request
"email": "",
"password": "password"
// response - 409
"error": {
"message": "An account already exists with this email."


Use Self-extending Session Tokens

Session Creation — Logging In

Session Renewal

Session Management

Session Termination — Logging Out

Avoid Password Composition Rules


Use a “Health-Check” Endpoint

GET /v1
// response - 200
"status": "running",
"version": "fdb1d5e"

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