In case of delete I believe the other option would be return the deleted object attributes back to…
Aditya Kapoor

When it comes to that particular highlighted quote I’m referring to sending simply “something” to maintain a consistent and predictable experience with the API.

The envelope of the response, coupled with a 2XX HTTP success code is enough to indicate a successful response without arbitrary “information”.

This notion of the envelope of the response is that “something” that I refer to, instead of an empty non-JSON response.

For the DELETE HTTP method, returning the deleted attributes/object as a result of a deletion method doesn’t seem at all intuitive.

If the object is deleted, then there shouldn’t be anything to return.

If the client want to keep track of what has been removed, then it still wouldn’t need a response for handling anything because the client was the issuer of the deletion request in the first place.

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