We are bigger than an acronym

It’s not just about CRM, ERP, ABC or XYZ

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a lot of conversations with investors. My favorites tend to focus on the big picture with the understanding that where we are today is only a portion of where we want to be.

It’s easy to look at a startups website and miss the forest for the trees. You can’t describe the forest when all your customer cares about is the maple syrup oozing out of the tree onto their shoes.

Tech companies are spoiled

Many investors we meet are heavily invested in Tech companies and they know a lot about that space and how it works. What everyone forgets about is that we know an order of magnitude more information about our customers because we have this thing called analytics. Whether you are using Google, Mixpanel or our favorite, Keen.io, we have technology that does not exist in the physical world (yet).

We have heat maps, a/b tests, adwords and a thousand other technologies that allow us to understand how we market to and acquire customers, how they use our product and how we need to iterate on the product to make it better to make our customers happy.

This is possible in Technology because software is like fairy dust, electrons floating through wires and interpreting themselves into images our brains can interpret.

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The sector we serve makes real things (non-fairy dust)

We serve Industrial Markets.

Industrials make products that people touch, drive, work with and install. Sometimes these things get installed by people into other people to keep them alive. Sometimes that magic feels like fairy dust, but it’s years of hard work, development, billions of dollars and thousands of people.

Industrials do not have the same software as the Technology industry. They try to use software like salesforce.com and get confused why other companies are so successful with it and they are not. They watch the keynotes at Dreamforce and say, I want that app for my company. But that app took $3M and 15 months of custom development with a team of employees dedicated to the project the whole time… and “you can do that too!!!”

No they can’t guys.

Enhatch Delivers

Enhatch is delivering the tools these companies need to market, sell, track and improve their products and create happy customers. We understand that your business is often done in the field, which is why our technology was designed from the ground up on mobile.

We also know you need our technology to go live asap at a reasonable cost.

We understand this market, because we lived in your world for over a decade; living on planes, trains and automobiles while making, marketing, selling and most importantly, creating happy customers.

This is the company we are building and it’s already changing how business is done. If you want to talk more about it, let’s connect on twitter @peterthegreat or email me at peter at enhatch dot com.

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