Seamfix@10: partners, staff celebrate in style

…Company celebrates long serving staff

By peter oluka

Executive Director of Seamfix, Chibuzor Onwurah (3rd L) and Managing Director, Chimezie Emewulu (4th R) flanked by members of staff cutting the 10th year anniversary cake

It was an evening of glamour, testimonies and out-pour of emotions for Seamfix Nigeria Limited as the company rolled out drums in style at Four Point by Sheraton, Oniru, Lagos, to celebrate its tenth anniversary.

The innovative company also gathered partners on the day- October 17, 2017, to mark a decade of delivering topnotch platforms-,, AutoTopUp, and BioSmart KYC, LoanPair, and Custom Solutions, living up to its mission to create and deliver cutting edge technology solutions that enable the clients and customers meet their needs.

Executive Director of Seamfix, Chibuzor Onwurah (1st l) and Managing Director, Chimezie Emewulu (1st r) flanked by partners at 10th year anniversary celebration

Earlier on the day of the tenth anniversary, Seamfix, recognized as Nigeria’s leading provider of identity management solutions, launched ‘Bioregistra’, an innovative data capture and data management platform.

Managing Director, Chimezie Emewulu and the wife
Executive Director of Seamfix, Chibuzor Onwurah
Seamfix ED & MD, with their wives.

In his speech during the dinner to mark the anniversary, the Managing Director, Chimezie Emewulu, briefly traced history of the company of over 50-staff strength with offices in Lagos, Abuja and Enugu.

He said, “During our National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) in 2006, we became curious; that curiosity brought about Seamfix which started officially in 2007. We converted our three-bedroom flat to office use; while we were still staying there.

Seamfix business partners at the anniversary celebration

“The first staff we had made a lot of difference, a lot changed when she came in and she was paid 4 times the amount we got as salary.

“There was a lot of discouragement in the beginning by people who think we ought to take things slowly. We were advised to focus on the job we had then rather than jumping in to the risky business world.

Seamfix Staff in celebration mood
MD with the Seamfix’ first and longest serving staff- OLAMIDE AJAH
The Ed with one of the long serving staff.

“But we also were encouraged by others at the same time. For instance, my mother encouraged me in various ways. She supported financially and morally.

“Among various places we had gone to introduce our services, Intercontinental Bank (now defunct) was one bank that recognized our efforts. Things became fine, but went bad again such that we started trading on Honey to survive and run the business.

“At a point, investors came, but with the intention to take over the business completely. That didn’t go down well with us, so we had to ignore the investors and continued with our idea. Today, we have stories to share to inspire the staff and other emerging entrepreneurs.

Seamfix on Selfie-mood; celebration continues
MD & ED, toast to more achievements for Seamfix.

On his part, the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Seamfix, Chibuzor Onwurah, said that their efforts to succeed continued until it began to yield result. “We implemented SIM registration for Zain (now Airtel). We also worked for UNN where we implemented an auto transcript services for them.

“In fact, the story of Seamfix is that of resilience. It has not been easy but thank God for my partner who is more than just a partner, but also my brother. We rarely disagree on issues, and we think alike,” he added.

Seamfix staff rendering song to the cheers of the guests at the occasion.

Commenting specifically on the new product ‘BioRegistra’, Emewulu, said the platform was developed to allow a fully automated process that guarantees businesses seamless execution of all KYC processes, thus enabling faster customer on-boarding and increasing customer satisfaction.

He said that Bioregistra was conceptualized to deal with the challenge of accurate data management.

Guests had ‘ribs-cracking’ jokes too.

According to him ‘Our major challenge in Nigeria is gathering needed data for accurate needs and assessment. With Bioregistra, this challenge is history. The platform can be used to capture all forms of data — animate or inanimate’.

High point of the occasion was the recognition of Seamfix partners and presentation of award to long service staff of the company.

Seamfix is today recognised as a leading provider of technology solutions and services in the Nigerian and larger African market; as its systems empower clients to derive maximum value, deliver value to their customers and stay ahead of the competition.

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