Ask Ethan: How far is the edge of the Universe from the farthest galaxy?
Ethan Siegel

Lovely. Never before we have been entertained by natural physics 'magicians' with so much humor and wit, following their own logic, leading to an impossibility.

I am trying to figure out what happened. It must be that following the logic of the light led to a big bang theory, that never happened.

What you are looking at is a reclycling mechanism, ‘that takes the light back to its origin’/ but you explain it as the end of the universe. Because that is the bandwith of the time you can follow the light, that is established by your own centre in time observing it. You are looking at yourself. :-)

It is an at the same time grit that recyles light back to its orignal 'being’, that sits everywhere, but is analysed as being a starting point of time as such. :-))))

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