Building Resilience is The Key to Turning Challenges Into Success
Thomas Oppong

Resilience as a word is close to adapting. Still it has a different meaning. Evolution happened by adapting/ not refusing to change. Then again adapting might not bring the solution, when you disgard primary objectives. There is a subtle difference between the two. Actually you should do both at the same time.

Chuncking is another word that’s important, whicht was not in your post and again contains a subtle difference regarding taking small steps. Small steps might mean nothing, when you don’t evaluate the different importances of things that are not parallel connected. You choose.

So therefore I am somewhat reluctant to affirm that a mantra by definition is better than a manifesto. I guess politicians; if that’s the subject; usually use a manifesto. Although Ghandy in respect perhaps did not, that does not mean a mantra Trump is using does much good in understanding what he actually means.