Do You Still Feel Capitalism Dying?
Joe Brewer

Some interesting theories to chew on.

As you mentioned wealth extraction being the biggest economic problem, this is actually a brain grouping items belonging together in perception, as you coincidently also described in your article on Gestalt.

The perception arises from wealth next to poverty. As the economic system appears to be organizing itself. At the same time this is a misperception though, because the same system is distributing product for exchange. It does two different things at the same time. It distributes and at the same time collects all the exchanged in the same centre, which belongs to few. But one does not exclude the other. The system has always been doing this.

So the problem lies in another dimension. The problem is not wealth; although it is unreasonable in proportion; but poverty.

In comparison you mention hunters and gatherers, that controle their own system by preventing 'top chickens’; as described in an article of the evolution institute and also published in evonomics; because their egoism creates a lower group efficiency.

In this case though in our economy, the top chickens gather the most profit, because they are the most efficient. The same rule does not apply anymore.

So, the problem lies in another dimension. It is economic efficiency creating job abundancy/ in stead of creating unparallel wealth. That is another equation, which has nothing to do with the real problem.

So, because of this inverted relationship the economy creates its own problem. It is not a question of fighting it, it is fighting itself.

A guy named Mohammed once said: if the mountain does not come to you/ you should go to the mountain.

Well, in this case the mountain comes to you.