David Quammen’s Remarkable Summary Article on Evolution
Kelly Gerling

Startling to see the vast number of people, even in a developed nation like the US, after 150 years of its discovery, still believing that evolution theory is just an option you might believe in or not/ in stead of a matter of scientific fact.

At the same time I am not denying that religion has valuable parallels too, that humans can relate too, because it is about human culture and the way it thinks and behaves. Whereas evolution theory is basicly ‘just’ about biological animal life and its evolution. So the two are in that respect not about the same subject. Although religion has originally also tried to explain evolution theory by itself and did that in a romanticized way, that extraordinary enough people 2000 years later take for literal truth and go through fire for if necessary to defend it, because otherwise they would lose their whole faith.

The main reason why people still don’t take Darwin’s evolution theory for granted today I believe, is that it never explained where life itself originated from. So that leaves a gap, a space for any likely or unlikely theory to be sort of acceptable, as long as nobody knows.

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