The Next Global Economy
umair haque

Yes… greed essentially is the need to compensate missing necessities, which can be related to honest labor/ but not necessarely. Therefore it is an unprecize description, as often used by economists, to in retrospect explain human soul.

Of course we are related to material necesseties, but that does not describe a cultural state of mind. It is the inverted relation of fullfilment, that could fi simply be accomplished by eating. So, is hunger greed? No, it is a simple biophysical connection, not a state of mind.

Of course, when overall material needs could be compensated by being greedy for smart solutions, than it becomes a state of mind. In this case it could mean that excluding others; because of supposed shortidges; you would create a headstart for yourself, which could also be explained as honest competition. Which in fact means getting there in a more efficient way, that could perhaps leave others without a job, but did not intentially mean that.

This was not the objective. But because it is often the result of competition and this is explained as greed by economists it gets a negative inverted meaning, as if greed leads to the missery of others. As a word it did not even explain the proper connection, which was biophysical and not a state of mind.

Let’s say it is the result of economists trying to explain the psychology of economics, that they are not able to understand themselves and therefore use clumsy words.

Of course love is a much better word. You could say we are not hungry but love to eat/ in stead of being greedy. It should have the same result. It depends where you put the essential. In what type of connection. Is it you, or is it the food. Is it you, or is it the others you are creating economy with.