Rolling back Earth Overshoot Day
Daniel Christian Wahl

Yes, I detect the common ground parallels, but on the other hand, are all of these on shared ground?

The overshoot on climate change, which becomes irreversabel at some point, I can undestand. Reserves in oil, coal and gas, will no longer be needed in future, so in that case the metric makes no sence.

Waste can be recycled. What can be grown for food roughly already matches demand/ although it might be unethical when animals are concerned and perhaps looting on more valuable diversities. Bur this is by all means; distinction accepted; not a road with no return.

Wars always have a reason and don’t emerge from sheer cynisism. When you don’t communicate; as the hawks prescribe; you will never find out. Is that weakness? No. It offers a way out of violence.

So, yes there is a common ground between all of these subjects, that is a lack of understanding. But, as a comfort, humans are eager to learn by nature.