For a definition of intelligence, a multi-dimensional perspective is needed.
Carlos E. Perez

Yes, interesting. I would prefer to swap the word into efficiency though.

Intelligence in the human vocabulary means knowing more e.g. more than others. This however is not the persued direction: it wants to achieve a function which is parallel. Although which parallel is optional.

The mentioned examples basicly are behavioral. Whether this is adaptive, evasive, charming, expressive, or convincing (logic) is the optional.

The biological relation basicly is a thermodynamic one. Whithin this it needs to reach a singularity in time: problem solved = no more asynchronicity. Or the inverted relation: more synchronicity, like in music, singing and dancing or laughing. However this has a great unknown, so the parallel is imaginary, which might not be so efficient = not intelligent. So you see on the one hand you might call it intelligent/ while at the same time it is unintelligent. Therefore I would prefer efficiency, because obviously end efficiency is more than halfway efficiency. I realise inteligence is a much sexier word, but since you are using abbreviations anyway AE would not be much different.