Considering Appropriate spatial-temporal Scale — bigger and faster isn’t always better!
Daniel Christian Wahl

Yes, interestingly enough you described photosynthesis as the proces that created earth, or at least the vital bio-interconnection as it exists on earth.

But photosynthesis only creates oxigen, not the earth. Interestingly enough it results into the amount of oxigen plants do not need themselves anymore, because they get it from water. That this overspill of oxigen then results in mobile land animals to breathe it/ instead of getting it from water like the fish, created an evolution as well as a relative closed system again. Although the amount of oxigen as well a the much greater abundance of plants does not equal demand. Which is much smaller. So, in essence it is not a closed system/ but an open ended one. With an open future.

What you described as global crisis though IS created by a closed system of financial economy. So, being a closed (whole) is not the solution/ but the problem.

Nevertheless, since evolution has always provided us with an open end/ after it closed a previous level, you should trust it having done that now again.

For us to discover in what kind of connection.