A country’s government is like a family.

From the teaching of Buddha;
“ If discord arises within one’s family, one should not blame others but should examine one’s own mind and follow a right path.”

In the USA, over the past few days and spanning back just a couple of months, we see a lot of “blaming the other guy.”

Presidential candidates blaming each other, blaming other countries, blaming people within the county itself. Don’t use facts, “name calling blame game”.

However, history shows that in the 1890s, mudslinging, a politically correct name for “name calling” got so bad that the 2 political parties had to change their names.

These two parties are now the Democrats & Republicans. So yes, the USA has the same political parties in just a little over 100 years later doing the same stupid stunts of the these same 2 political parties in power since the Constitution was written.

Both parties have switched what they believe in over the years, spend billions of USA citizen Time & Tax dollars calling each other names and blaming the world in general for the USA self made problems.

Blatant election fraud, covered up by Main Stream Media by blaming “that guy over there”, i.e. Assange who exposed some of the fraud is media central for the fall guy. Several others are now dead.

USA citizens, now well steeped in Imperialism behavior, having been mass marketed to so much about how the world owes the USA a “Fine Standard of Living”, “We do so much for the world” they do not even get up enough out of the easy chairs in front of the entertainment systems to look around.

They are like a drug addict. “I don’t care about that person, I just want my drug as cheap and often as possible. I need my pleasure.”

The fact that the USA government is pushing TPP, TTIP, TISA, ISDP, on the world along with other trade deals, while it’s military is supporting every side of every conflict, does not concern the public.

They want their TV sets in High definition, as cheap as possible and those other countries are “lucky our multi-national corporations employ them”.

The fact these same countries are sending poor products, food for pets & humans tainted with chemicals that are not suppose to be used, is “THAT COUNTRY’S FAULT.”

Opps. Since when does the company running and creating the products not have responsibility for it’s product.

Here in USA it is common. It is called, “Lawsuit pricing.”

The cost of having a couple of lawsuits against a poor or unethically produced product is figured in to the MSRP.
I owned a Ford Pinto, second hand sure, but I put a bumper sticker on the back. “Warning: This car explodes on contact.”

I could sell a lot of those kind bumper stickers today. Several car manufacturers have exploding or burning, faulty brakes, transmission issues or run away accelerator vehicles.

Yeah, USA motor vehicle companies import those vehicles.

Government denies any knowledge of tests, you know the story, lawsuits over a period of 15 -30 years… while corporations have your monies.

Companies that make chemicals know if USA does not allow it used here, cross the borders to a 3rd world where not one will care and keep selling it.
So yes, it ends up in the food chain.

The rest of the world is getting smarter, and that is where TPP, TTIP, TISA, ISDP comes into play.

Make the USA watchdog of it’s own bad manners by giving kick backs to government officials in power now, and demand that anyone who tries to stop a multi-national corporation with environmental laws is penalized or the USA taxpayers must pay that multi-national for it’s losses.

Terrorist keep attacking other countries, while USA does not have this problem.

Hum, I find it interesting every time a nation states publicly to oppose these trade deals, it has a major terrorist attack and the public is fired up to support going after the terrorist group, while the government suddenly changes it’s mind and now supports the trade deals.

In USA, gangs and Mafia use the same pattern. Some mom & pop shop opens up. They start doing business and suddenly they are approached, “Pay our people for protect”, or you might be burned to the ground or beat up by some “bad guys”.

KKK, in the south was common in this habit too. Many a person lost their life to the “Protection Racket”.

The USA government and many other powerful government and religious orders use these practices.

So if the USA citizens want the “safer world” that they claim their country is providing, they had better remove the corruption within their own house first.

They need to stop staring at TV sets and demanding cheap food.

In 1999, I was out trying to get people to Not vote for Bush jr.

I had read a report that if Bush jr got elected, Bush and his clan would start a “Never Ending War in the Middle East” by having a major terrorist attack on USA soil in 2 years or less.

Most people said they would vote for Al Gore, “If I promised GAS prices would not go up.”

Well gas is higher, the “Never Ending War” started with Sept. 11, 2001. Not even a year in his position as president of the USA.

We are attacking the 4th country in the Middle East.

USA is giving monies to the people Our USA government claims is responsible for 9/11 and we just spent a few 100 trillion dollars fighting in Afgan & Iraqi.

Full circle. 15 year later…

President Obama announces funding of Al-Qaeda in Syria in 2016….

As a person who grew up in an abusive household, nope I can’t claim those people as family, I know if you don’t change there is NO CHANGE. Period.
Abusive people like to say “I’m sorry.”
Just so you “the abused”, will stay and be abused again. 
Yeah, the USA government keeps saying “We will change. tomorrow…”

A cycle of abusive behavior, so commonly fed upon by citizens watching team sports with dead or injured players tossed aside for new young healthy players, they can’t even care.

I watched public outrage at a major league player, his peaceful refusal to stand up for a lying country while the people shown the corruption in USA government are in the same breath calling traitor and criminal of those who speak out about the corruption!

Mess with the entertainment, you are a horrible person.

Upset the status quo, you are a bad person.

Put poison in pet food, baby formula that company and it’s whole foreign country are horrible people. While the importing company knowingly import the “cheaply made products’ outsourced by USA multi-national corporation is held blameless.

The USA corporation shipping the poisons to the foreign country is blameless.

The USA corporation making a massive profit on outsourcing is held blameless.

Yes, it is time for USA to do some Major house cleaning.

It is time to examine the USA morals & ethics of profiteering.

As Buddha & Christ said, Look at your behavior before your blame someone else.