I Think, Therefore I Am (Biased)
Dave Pell

An excellent article, Thank You!

To say anyone is unbiased, is simply saying that the person has no SAY what-so-ever…..

Been calling myself a self publisher since 10th grade in 1974…. desktop publishing then was pen/pencil & a piece of paper….

You have a biased opinion, the right to Like or dislike, to comment or not comment.

You have your life story, WHICH FLAVORS your opinion….

Sure I don’t like Fox News, they went to court & Won the right to lie about the news, but someone wants to listen to them. So I give them the Freedom of Press and just remind those kind of people of the court fight by Fox to lie.

I am Anonymous by default, and have no country to support my Human Rights. I left USA to protect my life.

I fight for me & YES, that COLORS my opinions….

As An Artist I would not want it any other Way, I want Rembrandt to look like Rembrandt, Picasso to look like Picasso, Digital art to be digital beyond limits, Photography (my passion) to cover everything possible- Film to Digital, Jazz to sound like Jazz, Rock&Roll to sound like Rock&Roll and my meditation music to be meditation music….. my moods change from day to day or even hour to hour… so more flavor is more life.

Biased is your flavor, not always right, but your flavor.

If you choose to be the social flavor of the month, that is still your bias.

Lovingkindness energy to all

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