Analysis Needed NOW! Life on Earth depends on it…

So the largest LIVING CREATURE on the planet is dying….

Humans are not really aware or concerned other than opps that “Tourist Attraction” is no longer the thing to go see.

Or like the 0.001% Elite Rich, QUICK go shot that animal. It is the last of it’s kind and I want a trophy!

Really folks, REALITY CHECK!

Your Oxygen supply system is the oceans, the oceans are ALL INTERCONNECTED!

Yes, I know humans think the water on their beach is only there for them and does not touch the water of those “other ungodly people” down the road.

Sorry, You have one planet and EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED!

So if there is just ONE person who can run a simulation of what is the possible numbers of this…

FUKUSHIMA dumps 300 tons to 800 tons of radioactive WASTE WATER PER DAY, so by the numbers, 500 tons is equal to 8,000,000 GALLONS OF RADIOACTIVE WASTE WATER per day! One gallon is 8 pounds & a ton is 2000 lbs… IF HUMANS BOIL WATER WITH RADIOACTIVE NUCLEAR FUEL, what do you think that waste is doing in the oceans AFTER 6 PLUS YEARS! …. every ocean is connected TOGETHER and you have no switch to turn off that radioactive waste, so 24/7/365 TRILLIONS of tiny water boilers are working!

No the reactors have not “fallen in”, but they are breached and NO CONTAINMENT IS POSSIBLE!

In addition, viruses & bacteria reproduce faster in warmer waters & with reproduction measured in DAYS not years, they can adjust and MUTATE to the daily changes. So if the chemical pollution, warmer waters & radiation which ALSO IS KNOWN to cause mutations are all increasing on the planet?

Does the planet’s slower adapting life forms stand any chance at all.

As the plankton in the oceans die off, which it is the muscle of the oxygen conversion system, you have higher CO2 in the atmosphere and a greater conversion to SO2 which is the acid rain & ocean’s acidification, which in turn leads to higher Mutation rates.

So I am just trying to WAKE UP THE PLANET, or the humans as the animals seem to understand the issues of their world dying off.

HOW MANY OF YOU have heard the scientists say “Gee, we just do not understand the rapid increases??”

But does anyone have some one who can put this data into the computer model generating machine and GIVE me and the REST OF THE WORLD A FREAKING CLUE??? (I am dyslexic and do not waste my time programing)

Take note that in this article, SO2 increases the lower atmosphere temperatures & surface temperatures, so you are in a losing game of NOT caring & PASSING THE BUCK…

I have seen enough from others that the human race & planet has 10 years or less to live. I have no data to prove ANYTHING LONGER IN THE TIME SPAN!

Since I have the Revelations 2:17 spiritual mark “white stone & unknowable name” GIVEN only by the “”Christ Entity””, I have personal knowledge that “Christ” is not going to give a bunch of Jesus freaks a new planet just because they want one. (I belong to NO religion, but HEAR EVERY Spiritual Being that talks to this planet and wants to talk to me.) The Spiritual Realm gives humans about 5 to 8 years left.

Spoiled rotten children DO NOT DEMAND of “Gods & Spiritual Beings” & get those demands…

So while I was told in 1960, I would live to see all of human kind and life on the PLANET DIE OFF, while I have to walk this planet I will still work to help people get off the planet. (just to stubborn to give up like mass media public humans do)

Yes, I have been working on this issue for a long time, a 6,152 word post….

So reply, leave links, contact me with questions or answers to the analysis I would like to see here…

In the mean time, I also got my thumb out,

Have a nice day…