Dear news media: Create news for people who have never read a newspaper
James Tyner

As a 9 year veteran Photo Editor of 6 newspapers and having been a self publishing investigative journalist for 42 years…

Well Said!

Newspapers need to deal with facts.

Humans need to deal with opinions, everyone has one and that is why most publishers BECOME PUBLISHERS.

But to put a 30 second or less SOUND BITE up and have no facts backing your statements, or be like Fox NEWS that in 2001 went to Federal Courts to win the RIGHT TO LIE TO THE PEOPLE… is just horrible to a person of any above average beer drinking, couch potato intelligence.

Website with real news have found themselves now in the firing line of Trump & his fascism, because of the so “called major media” selling out to mass marketing sales pitch news.

Miles of text or hours of video of opinion with not facts or facts BURIED DEEP, just scares people away. Archives & links to supporting facts & websites need to be clear.