John DeVore

As a Lone wolf, and been one since about 3 years old.

Sure own up to yourself.

Be responsible for your actions.

But don’t think women are any better, because they are not.

We are all humans.

If you play the gender game in reverse, look at how many women are abusive.

Look at how many women think that because they wear a sexy dress, every man must drop to his knees and be speechless.

Pro Photographer, I long since got over that.

Had abusive family, NEVER WAS ABUSIVE TO ANY GIRLFRIEND, WIFE OR CHILD. Nor am I abusive to transgender people.

Damn I owned up with out the woman teaching me.

I learned both sides got it wrong.

I learned both side only know Part of the whole thing.

Acceptance is a multi -lane super highway, with interchanges everywhere.

Not just this or that.

He said, She said… old blame game ever.

Understand you are a drop a series of oceans, you ain’t squat, but if you respect yourself & Respect others.

You will have nice life, no matter how shitty it gets.

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