But Everyone is Getting Fucked
Holly Wood

As a male person who was arrested, had my arm broken and then forced to sit in a jail cell for 30 days while my very obviously broken arm was refused any treatment, and called a “Liar” to my face every time I asked for medical.

Just because I wanted to be a Father to my son, Teaching Spiritual Truths, instead of government propaganda. I never committed a crime. I simply told my son the truth. The mother even stated she married me “not to be married, but divorced”. She knew the game, taught by her mother.

Your point that everyone is getting screwed to true.

Your making the point that women need opportunity is real.

But if the women of the world claim to be “better” than men, it will never happen.


Simple, you are playing the game of those very small amount of people, yes both men & women, who rule the present world. The 1%.

When we stop playing Their Game.

The game ends.

They can take their ball and go home, We, both men & women & those transgender, homos, gays, asexual folks, immigrants etc… can find a new Game & a new ball to play with. Maybe not even a ball game.

If you say ‘everyone is equal’ but my group needs it more, is more important, you play the 1% game.

i.e. First Nation Tribes of USA control are all in prisons called reservations, and the government gives something 1st this tribe then something to that tribe. The end result is the whole tribe system hates Each other. Not the government that is screwing them.

So giving women a piece of this or that, then pointing out they did not get something else because some male did not obey. Or some woman is on the top but not doing anything for those below her type stories, just adds gasoline to the fires. You blame the results, not the cause.

While racial profiling is a “bad thing”, how many of you (see list of possible you people above) do your own racial profiling. Calling some one a name because they don’t belong to a group you support?

I am one person, I have no close family members, I have no friend I can call in the middle of trouble to count on. Even my son, that I went to prison for will not talk to me, be USA government gives him money to not talk to me and his mother is socially acceptable for her abusive behavior. And of course, no one would challenge a government, it knows more than a single person.

Interest thought when one considers that governments & religions are the creation of humans, an invention of a single or group of people, nothing more. You can claim your religion is “FROM GOD”, but if the books & writing you quote were writing by a human, where is the “God Object” and object beyond human creation and Beyond human changing it? I carry Revelations 2:17, a Bible passage, quote from the Bible God “Christ”. It can only be seen by Spiritual means. It is not a physical stone I can has stole from me or lose from a hole in my pocket. It is a “God Object” I can not remove it and That white stone & name was an insult to me for the first 10 yrs I carried it. 1987 it was given, I was a lawyer for 11 yrs in USA courts, till the torture. In 1997 I discovered a loop hole in the Bible, “Christ’s” is OK with me from that point on. I hid that secret till 2015. Not a single person ever knew of it till 2015.

Highest Spiritual Mark on the planet. I studied as a lawyer/investigative reporter every religion I can. I belong to NONE.

Yet I fight for every one, I fight for the whole planet & all it’s life, not just the stuff I personally like. My enemies have my energies going to them so they may destroy me if such a thing were possible. Think of a person in a water fight, one person has a cup to scoop up the water on the ground at throw it at the other person, who has a fire hose going at full power pointed at them. A useless game to try and win.

So while I hope every woman & young girl may attain their dreams, not society’s dreams, the individual’s dreams, I also hope the same for those of the world, whether transgender, homo, gay, lesbo, natives, immigrant, untouchable, male, female, young, old or just plain freaks like me to also have their Dreams to dream and attain those dreams.

Lovingkindness energy to all