Even Ansel Adams Had a Blind Spot
Andy Romanoff

As a true Artist,

I never stop learning.

I started in a wet darkroom in 1973, had my first plastic camera in my hands in 1962.

I did not like the digital age at first, but by 1996, knew it was a great area so some day explore.

Photography, painting, writing, poems, architecture, you name it, is about creating a feeling.

Whatever that feeling is.

As Photo Editor of 6 weekly newspapers for 9 years, sure the more “Pure” photograph was needed. Truth in the story.

As a landscape night photographer Now! I want to convey the “feeling”.

When I write, or when I painted with oils & acrylics I wanted “feeling”. Some need precise images, some get bend way over the edge of reality.

I may have a blind spot, but I do try to look For It, and THEN Around it.

I hope my crazy stuff, inspires others to do the same.

To each their own path.

Lovingkindness energy to All.

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