The Fear of Taking Risks Never Goes Away (Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway)
Thomas Oppong

Big problem with the fear of taking a risk…

You are gambling that when you lay down to sleep, that you will wake up again!

When you get that into your head, sure crossing a street is dangerous, but you have to get to school so you learn to do so with “relative safety” for the rest of your life.

The same goes for asking a person out on a date, or a new job, or looking for a new home.

So the same goes for water skiing, parachute flying/diving, driving a car/boat/airplane, or just riding in one.

For me, one of my worst fears was having to tell the Bible churches of a “Spiritual Mark” I carry. While I can’t belong to a religion to carry that mark… I also had a “favor” to perform for the “God” that gave it to me.

So one day I told someone about it, 28 years after receiving it and to my surprise that person ran like hell away. They feared me instead of wanting to BBQ me. Ever since then, yep, the Bible Churches run like hell away, scared to death of a person who has a “Spiritual Mark” given by their “God”. I stood in front of their “God” already and they are afraid too.

So in facing that fear, I learned the “Truth”.

Every place in life is the same, afraid to look around the corner, chances are the corner is not so fearful.

Afraid to climb the mountain, chances are it is not so fearful and when you get to the top, be it a mythical mountain like in a business world, or a real mountain with scary heights to look down from.

You will feel that much better about yourself.

The next mountain will be easier to climb, less scary too.