Thanks; I have actually.
Alex Haagaard

Black beans, very healthy & good protein.

As a landscape photographer, my days can start before sunrise, 5 am and last until I finish shooting star at 2amish… with a 50lb backpack on to carry gear I walk most meat eater into the dust.

As a 58 yr old man who has done natural medicines and all most never used any medications for long.

No mental illness, even dropped my blood work to Very Clean, with out Big pharma drugs.

It is more than just one or two things, but yes by trial and error.

Please Google oil of oregano as it is very good for pain management. Cancer patients use it. Powerful as opium, without any drugging of brain cells.

I have an activist injury so 24/7/365 I am in pain, some days it hurts just to breath. But I love life and keep busy so the oil kills or lowers the pain in 5 minutes or less and a small bottle carried, allows me to apply the oil is areas as needed. Squirt on a few drops, rub in and load up my backpack. {broken shoulder/rib cage}

It is also a powerful antibiotic, antifungal medicine.

Ginger & Turmeric are taken daily by me as pain management also. Turmeric {curcuma} powder with 5% standard black pepper mixed in is as good as any 95% extracted Health food places claims. It does take a few days to build it up in your system, I was in USA and Thai curries were common on my menu.

Now I just have a “shot” in water couple times a day, teaspoon of powder & water. Followed by a small piece of food. Does wake up the stomach, not like taking “hot pepper capsaicin” but is a good idea to eat a piece of fruit or bread. I also cook my dinners with curcuma which I buy in stores as a food spice world wide. nothing illegal…

I had an abusive family to live with so I had to learn this stuff or get punished for needed medical treatment. Just learned to take care of myself, doctors hate me.

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