Climate CHANGE HAPPENS! Humans can’t stop it, but better look at it!

Sulfur Dioxide makes ACID RAIN & ACID OCEANS. Volcanoes PRODUCE SO2.

OK, so everyone is in the “there is only one thing causing earth changes so a scientist friend says you are full of feces.”

Reality Check, PLANETS are more than one thing!

Humans do not dictate to PLANETS OR GODS what to do.

The above image is the Sulfur Dioxide output of just the North Western USA.

Volcanoes are more active now than 2 years ago and THAT IS PLANET WIDE!

There are also volcanoes UNDER WATER IN THE OCEANS…

So if the volcano produces SO2 which causes UPPER atmosphere cooling and LOWER atmosphere heating, a standard of increasing the storms, hurricanes and rain events PLANET WIDE, is it so smart to tell people humans with high sulfur burning coal power plants, diesel fuel used planet wide which is a also a sulfur laden fuel that produces SO2 when burned, that humans can’t effect anything?

Humans can’t add to the SO2 by burning SO2 laden fuels?

While you can’t stop the volcanoes from doing their job of creating new clean lands & covering up human pollution, you might want to tell those “Anti Climate change people to go jump in a volcano. (I know they will not be virgins sexually but the brain matter will be virgin territory, absent of any thinking in their life.)The action might appease the “Gods” as we are cleaning off the garbage on the planet.

and the weather people might start to explain why you have BINARY HURRICANES EVERYWHERE!

2017 July 23–24 weather mapping image. BINARY HURRICANES!

Any way, me I got a clue, I watch thousands of bits of data around the planet, submarine, atmosphere & landscape itself.

I.E. there are now 100s of square miles of glacier melt EXPOSED landscape in the upper levels of your landscape. That dark land absorbs heat and retains it, since it is in mountain type landscape in most cases, again it DIRECTLY effects the jet streams…

Climate Change HAPPENS, like it or not.

Humans are arrogant, sure, many are stupid and as such will just die off.