Hell in a hand basket
Jonas Ellison


Longest run in one, a little over 24 hours. 3 shifts of waitresses, yes my friends and I were polite. We ordered food from each shift & tipped each waitress personally. 1980 Copper Kettle(?) in Los Angeles area by Griffith Park.

We started talking, inventor/writer/artist/self-publisher/entrepreneur myself we could get deep quickly.

We had no reason to stop our discussions, so we didn’t.

Salt Shaker in Glendale was also a welcome place for us. Again, we changed tables as the place got ready to shut down sometimes.

Lyons, in So. Lake Tahoe.

Currently I work in a Cafe with internet (Cyber) in Mexico. While I don’t understand that much Spanish, much the same type of gossip.

I see a group of old men come in every week on Sundays… they say hello, but can’t understand the crazy “American who works 7 days a week”.

Many an amusing conversation over heard in coffee shops.

Arm chair quarterbacks, lots of fast comments to make friends smile, but as rare as a raw streak on facts.

I rule My world from a coffee shop and admire those artists & writers & thinkers of the past that did so too.

Yes if you look at some of the Renaissance painting yeah, some coffee shops in those, Impressionist too…

Hold your Coffee Mug High!

Rejoice, in whatever coffee or tea you drink. Much better than a beer mug and muddled thinking on alcohol. (bars are fine to relax in, not for serious thinking.)