My invisible illness story
Alex Haagaard

Hum, have not read your whole article…

But just a quick thought I did see all kinds of drugs tried.

Have you done and FOOD ALLERGY research???

In 1982, I did a 10 fast. Before hand I was a eating all kinds of red meats and of course during a fast you eat nothing. 3–4 days into the fast like WOW!

My aching joints stop COLD!

When I ended the fast {and yes several people around me got worried I was so happy to FEEL NEAR PAIN FREE}, I put red meat back into my diet.

Within 4 hours I was in pain.

I now cook most of my own foods and do not even allowed something like KFC Grilled chicken into my diet, those little brown marks are “beef Fat”.

McD coats their french fries with “beef fat” and again any thing that goes in their fryer gets “beef fat”.

I can eat most fowl and do enjoy fish, but maintain vegan standards.

I have worked in the food industry so I know their practices and watch to see how things are done when traveling.

So while it is not a SURE THING, you might give it a try.

I will go back and look over the whole article.

Organic is way better.

1930s there was plenty of reports of the “food coloring & food additives” causing mental issues & cancer. Of course FDA approves all of these things for the Big Pharma industries which just happen to make the cures & management drugs for those same problems.

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