I live in a town of aura polishers.
Lisa Renee

Hum, yes, I know the feeling sooo well!

I am currently living in a Mexican town that has a “Official Vatican Approved Saint”.

In the 9 months of living here, almost every person has lied to me or tried to steal from me.

My landlord told me my rent is the same as the other people in the little courtyard we share.

Every month I have to remind her HOW MUCH SHE CHARGES ME!!!

I am a “Rich American” and therefore everyone is approached and told not to do business with the “Rich American” so the landlord can drive me into the streets as homeless and then she & her daughter will SHARE MY POSSESSIONS with those others would help.

It is almost “Too Funny” to walk in and have a place eager to have my business and possible help in running their business or doing design/photography work and a couple of days later, the employees just look at the floor and and “Oh no sir. you are not needed.”

Well, I have a thing called Revelations 2:17, it is a mark that CAN ONLY BE GIVEN BY “CHRIST”.

And It means that EVERY SPIRIT that Talks to Planet Earth, I CAN HEAR!

No problem, I understand.

Except the “Local Saint” called me here.

So lie, cheat, steal from me… You are insulting your “Local Saint”.

I even had one of the courtyard husbands show me “His Saint Prayer” card.

A year of Clean living, no marijuana, no alcohol, no cigarettes. Total Pure to his “Saint”.

However, that same man is pissed I don’t let him steal from me anymore, I don’t let his children throw dirt into my house, I fixed the issue of the children digging up the spot outside where I put my stove to cook my meals. I also told the children to stop calling me some strange name They started to call me and pretend they were cops leading someone away ‘Arrested”.

The landlord even stood outside my OPEN door one day and laughed for 15 minutes at that man stealing a piece of wood board I had put outside for everyone to use as a bench.

She is not to happy I bought a NEW chain of heavier metal and Use My Lock on the door now.

I know my business.

I will finish with the “Local Saint’s” Request to come here.

I will move on.

They of course have to live with themselves…

I don’t think there is enough toilet paper in town, for the day I walk into that Big Main Church that receives 6–9 Million visitors every Year!

Yes, a Pope has been here too.

Insult a Spiritual Being, get taught a lesson.

Insult a religion they forgive, they want your money.

Spiritual Beings don’t need Physical Objects.

And since “Christ” is the “God” of this country, I received that mark “By Christ’s hand in the Spiritual Realm”, they have insulted their “God” as well.

Does not abode well for the locals…

So yeah, materialism…. so visual.

Lovinkindness energy to all

P.S. NOPE, I don’t Belong to ANY religion. Can’t hear ALL SPIRITS if you only support Your favorite religion.

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