Don’t Screw Up Your Creative Mojo
Thomas Oppong

I am dyslexic, and 58 yrs old. Been calling my self a self-publisher for 42 yrs.

I edit the snot out of stuff, re-release stuff.

Challenge my own ideas and change my mind of necessary.

Professional photographer just as long, 1st front page freelance photo in 1976.

I am not a perfectionist, that is for craftsman. I want to capture the flavor, not make sure everything is just so perfect.

Most people have no idea of the time I have spent learning and most don’t care. Photo Editor of 6 weekly newspapers, for 9 yrs. I had my first wet darkroom in 1974, and my first digital camera (a toy really) in 1995, but in 1996 I was there at a Printing Expo to listen to the Vancouver Sun talk about the speed of digital newspapers industry, a Olympic photo, on the streets 6 hrs after it was taken Across the Continent. That was impressive!

I write blogs, have 1000s of published photos, published stories in newspaper, e-magazines, postcards that ran for 14 years or more, and even had a poem published as poet. I have e-books for sale, photographs, and even starting a line of custom photographic clothing for sale on different websites.

At 7 years old I was told to never try to be a writer.

I guess that is laid to rest, dead & buried.

At 3 years old I decided to be an artist, any medium, and anything I wanted to create I would do so.

My dreams have not ended. I can claim the International Space Station as my creation, USA having removed my human rights in 1993, can not even deny my claim because they would have to admit the illegal actions.

I created a thing called the “computer punch card Xmas wreath” in 1962, and the other day found a website on that subject, so I submitted my story on how I was the 1st one to make one. At 4 yrs old.

Be yourself, say NO to people who don’t want you to try your ideas, but listen to critics, you may learn something.

Get the idea down fast, polish it for as long afterward as you want. I will put stuff up on my blog or in front of people, as it is “In progress” and show the steps I am taking or thinking of.

Do different things, I have 50+ job titles in 7 fields I can make a wage under, and owned over a dozen of my own business. I am 58 yrs old… what will my legacy be when I stand before my “Creator”. I am willing to bet that “Creator” will bring popcorn to my life’s review!!

Dream of Big dreams & go for them, don’t worry if it is not popular, or if those other people just want to play around watching social media, follow your muse.

Whether you work 5 hours a day or 15–20 like me, work your schedule, that is the highest productive level for you. Not doing what everyone else does. I like to create, so I don’t care for TV, movies and drugging myself senseless, with drugs, food, or social media.

You make your choices for You, because You are important.

Lovingkindness energy to all

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