Art Isn’t Free. Can We Stop Pretending it is?
Brian Geddes

I have always had other “artists” envy my ability to start with nothing and end up with some “thing”. A blank canvas to painting…. or other media.

They took years of training to learn to paint or do something, I also had years of learning to do something. Many things…

I am working on a e-book on why an “App” can’t do a Good job of changing a Color photograph into a Black & White photograph.

The e-book is more work than I expected, I have to much to explain. 9 years as a Photo Editor of 6 newspapers, in the Film age, 42 years as a freelance photographer… 10s of 1000s of feet of film, the experience is there. 1000s of hours doing digital. Talking and discussing the subject with other photographers.

But in an Instant Pleasure Society, “apps” are so easy, why care if it is lousy.

Yeah art is not free, we work our butts off.

We learn to think and hopefully deal with the critics. Suicide is still to common.

Yet there is nothing in that pleasure driven society not touched by our work.

Objects on walls, building, furniture, packaging, clothing, books & book covers, movies, video games…

Respect would be a nice start.

Being able to pay the bills also.

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