Medium is NOT Facebook! Stop it!

I have to AGREE, opps a FB bad PC…. caps.

I am 58 yr old, publishing as a self-publisher, since 1973, e.e. cumming was my dyslexic brains savoir, I could write any way I wanted to as ME! I did desktop publishing in 1974, pen/pencil & paper and the blue of the Mimeography. Later B/W copiers became common. I worked in a print shop in 1974, in high school.

Social media, Facebook was all of a sudden the God of social PC writing skills.

  1. no capital letter use, you are a screaming idiot.
  2. Use of letter instead of words where ever possible. Forget conversation skills of crafting words, wordsmith a trade name is not understood now days for poets, writers & and advertising.
  3. FB memes had to engage & be moved on in 10 seconds or you were a waste of time.
  4. Like Main stream News outlets, Fact are unimportant, feeling by society & social acceptance were what mattered.
  5. ‘Friends’ are never talked to in real life, just meme’d too.

OK, fine that is FB… they can behave that way and I accept it as such. I can log out when it bores me.

Now, I find my Linkedin feed also has the same FB mentality. Pro level website, paying customer, and I have to deal with FB mentality???

Medium, a NEW site to me attracted me because of Original real writers of THEIR opinions, not 10 second memes. Content I can agree with or disagree with and get logical responses from people.

I hope the trend ends before it over powers logical thought & Creative writing by writers of original thoughts.

Thank you for this POST!

Lovingkindness energy to all.

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