Is It Too Late To Be A Writer / Entrepreneur / X at 28 / 38 / 48 Years Old?
James Altucher

If you never try, you will never know what could have been.

The only Bad Question, is the one NEVER asked.

Lots of people don’t want you to try. What do they know, most of they have never done anything themselves.

When the day is done and you lay on the bed dying, did you try?

That is the question you will be most concerned with.

Not how many stood beside you, they are not there now crossing the final bridge with you.

No one having met me, heard of all I have challenged in my life to see what could be accomplished has ever left without being inspired to push themselves just a little harder next time they have a challenge.

What every you dream of, make it real or at least give it a good try.

You will love yourself for trying.

Can’t say the same for giving up before starting the journey.