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In 1978, I was in the Los Angeles Sheriff Department training room learning to be a sheriff officer for a new job at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

The instructor stood in front of the class, hold a 38 pistol in hand and said “Always shoot to kill, never to stop. However if anyone asks, You always say you were trying to stop the person and FEARED for you life.”

Kind of a common answer by police everywhere in USA now days, and of course the LASD is the most respected police force in USA. Training other police forces on “their tactics” every year.

Is it any wonder that so much military action is happening in a nation that is pushing TPP, TTIP, TISA ISDP and other trade deals that give USA Corporations the right to pollute, dehumanize populations, and pay slave wages every where on the planet?

I quite the LACMA a few years later, the powerful and corrupt actions were too much for my gut… ulcers, and consciousness of self, I had more respect for myself.

1993, USA court system stated I had no right to prosecute the mother of my child with child abuse, in 2004 that same court system enforced those beliefs with breaking my arm and locking me up for 30 days WITHOUT ACCESS to any medical attention, other than on about day 27, my cellmates revolted and I got x-rays of my shoulder. 30 years of professional photographer, when the x-ray tech came in a couple minutes after the x-rays were taken and using the same “You are a Liar” statement denied I had an injury. Film takes several minutes to process and an x-ray takes 20–30 minutes to look over by a Radiologist. I knew she lied and the sheriff just put me in jail to finish my 30 days. 12 years later I still have those injuries and by ANY LAWS I know of what was done was TORTURE. I never even received an aspirin during those 30 days. Even the Geneva Convention says that is Torture. USA has removed my human rights simply because I wanted to be a good father.

I was entering the courthouse “as Lawyer” for a case that morning to place charges on 2 judges for child abuse & other illegal action from the bench.

I was stopped and jumped on by 4 large sheriff officers. Slammed to a marble floor, impact is estimated @ 1000lbs+ at a speed of 10mph. I weighted 170lbs. Any one want to hit their car that hard and see if anything is damaged??

In 2005, those 2 same judges placed felony charges on me for saying I would put them in jail. Protection of the failed system by violence again.

In 2003, I entered court documents in the USA Supreme Court, on the opening page it stated “ON GOING CHILD ABUSE”, by the laws of that day and backing to 1992 when I was first trying get protection for my 1 yr old child, the USA Supreme Court had 72 hours to end the abuse and put the case on a court calendar, REGARD OF THE court’s belief it is ABOVE THE LAWS OF THE LAND.

The USA Supreme Court has Felony charges, and just as you would NOT try a Nazi in a court of his choice, by jury selected by him, by rules written by him, I am not going to use a USA or it’s supporters courts. I will try the USA government, in a court SELECTED BY ME.