In Favor of Women’s Rights… but?

The news of course in USA is full of Trump bashing women as just something to grope.

So 20 years ago, I realized Trump was just arrogant, had no business sense.

So a man without any sense is one side of the argument and a sad statement of women is his defense against the female opposition.

The female has no moral grounds to stand on and appears to be failing in health.

So every where I look women are up in arms against this man.

Well good.

But would the Women of the Planet Earth please stand up and be real.

Every day of the past 55 years of my life I have watched the woman claim bad treatment, and then behave with bad manners.

I get requests for help, which turn very quickly into REQUEST FOR MONEY.

I have women who will not stop wiggling in from of me, celibate almost 12 years due to an injury by illegally acting people.

The women are pissed I don’t fall all over them for their “sex appeal”.

They however run away at the idea of helping me get my Human Rights back.

Now I don’t want to say or even sound like “every woman” is this bad, but when I have been in several states in the USA, and several countries, and span at least 40 years of sexual age. I’m 58 yr old.

That is a lot of women who do not have a voice for “Equal Rights” and Fair Play.

In the business world, I see no reason a woman can not achieve whatever she desires, and have helped many woman with their goals.

Yet, every where I hear of women complaining of “sexist men” in the near neighborhood, I have found “sexy women” hanging around to get a piece of that action.

I have had women insult me, for not “being a sexist” and giving them what they want.

While the injury does stop the idea of sexual play for the most part, the idea of intelligent conversation and being someone who can support a “white boy” fighting for ‘“EVERYONE’S RIGHTS” is beyond contempt.

“Shut up and sit down Peter, why would we care? You don’t chase money. You are in it to be nice to the planet, to love everything life offers.”

So while I support women & men & animals & plants & air & water & clean Lands & logical behavior… no woman will get near, interesting???

If I play that game of this verses that and those people over there verses these people over here, this fuzzy animal against the slippery animal… I am OK.

I understand the society upbringing that caused this, and sadly I see it is planet wide.

So Yes, women stand up for your rights… just please learn what “logic” is and use some.

Just as I am a Lone Wolf, I am sure that the Jane Goodall Lone She Wolves still exist.

Women just because a man talks to you doesn’t mean he WANTS sex with you.

Nor does it mean that he thinks you are ugly

No man is a pocket book of money, just a woman is not a “grope object”.

Men were not put on this planet to provide you with endless amounts of pleasure.

We share a planet, please act like you can share.

Stop demanding the killing of animals so you can wear it’s skin, or brag about the “macho man” you married.

Stop bragging about the athlete who’s behavior is a horrible role model to children, all egotistical and show off, that you married and then you scream is abusive. Then run to another one just as overly egotistical.

Stop asking for a throw away society, because you want more free time to do nothing, but look “Hot & Sexy” in front of your friends.

Even 40 years ago I was the scourge of the girls in High School, I did not play their social games, I did have a job, but I used those monies on my things… not for having a girl taken to the Prom, or football games & dances.

I was the guy they wanted to sit and talk to when a old boyfriend got dumped or they were dumped, then a new boyfriend was found and the young lady had to “Not talk to me”. I might damage her chances with “Mr. Right.”

So yes, I am still logical, still creative, and still loving my planet.

The boys did not grow up and have polluted the planet beyond repair.

The girls did not grow up either, and the planet is polluted beyond repair.

Both sides are at fault.

Lovingkindness energy to all of this Planet, not just humans.