Intelligence becomes an App!

When Intelligence becomes an App, everyone loses.

Intelligence, that word used to describe our human beings who are better than any other animals on the planet.

It is a byproduct of thinking and anyone who has followed the human behavior of the leading nations can quickly realize that thinking has been down played.

Nationalism, is more important than thinking about the world in general.
Your company must contribute to the national wealth, GDP or you are traitor.

USA outsourced most of it’s Customer Service. Beginning decades ago, it became common to talk to people who knew nothing of the product. They had a sheet of paper in from of them. They would repeat statements instead of answering questions. Putting you on hold till you gave up and went to buy a New product. I quickly made habit of asking “what country are you in?”

For me, an entrepreneur, who’s 1st product in 1962 at 4 years old, went on to become a fad lasting over 10 years, it was easy to see that this was done for company profits and the loss of USA consumer jobs.

The use of Japan for making products cheaply after WWII, while the action was sold as “helping rebuild Japan” after the war was also obviously corporation profiting, nothing more. By the time I was born in 1958, Japan was marketing it’s own products and USA was “bad talking” Japanese products.
When you bad mouth your business partner, opps, you are not interested in their moving forward in business.

This is just the same as those people who talk of empowering women and children and non-white Humans. Then bad mouth the woman, child or other ethnic race for speaking up about an issue, you do not support. Your action denies the empowerment.

Classical example is that a few days ago, a NFL player choose to voice his opinion and not support the bad behavior of the USA.

Public outrage at that man sitting down AGAINST unjust behavior.

Outsourced intelligence, instant pleasure app applied.

USA has just had the most blatant election fraud in my life and as far as I have studied in history. In a dictatorship you expect rigged elections, therefore it is not blatant fraud, it is a standard business practice. USA Mass Media told open lies. Refused coverage, and claim the exposing parties of the fraud are criminals.

The USA is trying to push some trade deals, TPP, TTIP, TISA, ISDP and a couple others on the world. This is the action of an Imperialistic nation. It is anti-democracy, blatant corporation profiteering. It is also deadly to the planet.

The USA has money going to every terrorist group on the planet, yet the USA citizens, think that one man speaking out in their favorite pastime sport is a bigger criminal.

Instant pleasure app applied, outsourced intelligence.

Opps, outsourced intelligence now shows the “why” of that action.

By getting people to just accept actions and not think of either the method needed to achieve that action or the result, but just a happy pleasure feeling, you have outsourced intelligence.

When “Common Core” was being advertised, I again stopped to pay attention to the advertising method.

With close to 50 yrs in the publishing industry and over 50 years of marketing skills, yeah, I saw the problem.

It was “everyone in the same model”. Outsourcing intelligence. Tell children to answer what they are told is the answer, not to think of how that answer is achieved.

Outsourcing intelligence again. Denying children to explore their world and build THEIR DREAMS.

Just like going to a gym to exercise, you are doing it because everyone else does it. You walk as far as you doctor tells you to. Not as far as you want. Your exercise level is by doctors who read it off of charts.

Why would you not want to exercise to you needed desires?

Why, simple, since WWI, everyone has been trained to be like everyone else.
Governments, religions, exist to make people conform to “group theory”. You can’t be happy unless you belong to “Our Group”. Keep up with the Jones & Smith family.

Outsource intelligence, be like everyone else so our GDP numbers are the Greatest. We are the greatest nation because we have more money than those people over there. Feel good because they suffer and YOU don’t.

Moral & ethical conflict, outsourcing intelligence.

An that is why in USA, has so many conflicts existing, “Divide & Conquer”. Be a Nike fan, an Apple fan. Be NFL or MLB supporter, wear team colors. Cheer when your teams wins and accuse the other side of cheating when your team loses.

Me, I followed Formula One, single drivers driving some of the highest, most technically advance cars in the world. On courses that twisted and turned or were city streets. Cars were just touching another car while racing could bring loss or worse a crash, even death. Every race a different design, created to challenge cars & drivers. In different countries for every race too. World involvement, not single minded nationalism.

The drivers had to have skill, but they also had to have “respect for each other”.

NASCAR, on the other hand, was an amusement park bumper car ride. For decades I would NOT even watch, because the winner had the car with the most bruises and still running. The driver with the most “dirty tricks” won. The tracks were ovals, you get into a pattern in a couple laps and drive it. Not much difference from one track to the next.
But perfect for teaching routine patterns to USA citizens and getting them to mindless cheer on their favorite.

In Formula One when they outlawed computer suspension systems, I was thrilled. The driver had to say in control.
When a driver went from one team to another, I watched the driver to see what happened for that team. The driver’s skills AND the team’s design had to work together.

Not an outsourcing of intelligence. Both had to think.

When Michael Schumacher did great for Benetton one day in the rain, I knew he would be a great Champion some day.
When Red Bull started up, I watched and while the others were screaming foul, I was studying the car and the driver’s abilities.

If you play a game for pleasure, an app, you don’t think of the process involved. You just want pleasure. Millions of mindless consumers, great GDP, lousy human beings.

I am a pro photographer, I spent 1000 of hours in real “wet” darkrooms and 1000s of hours on computers doing what can now be done with a cellphone app, instantly. People love the action that is applied by the app. But have no understanding of that action or where it comes from. They just want instant pleasure.

Mindless pleasure, outsourcing intelligence.

USA 1% elite want you to “buy” without caring what it cost to make it. They don’t want you to think about who lost time and energy to making a product. Or the environmental damage it might cause.

Bad for government GDP numbers and bad for profits if you think about a product and the LONG term costs.

Outsource intelligence.

Presidential election runner Trump, bad mouths the countries that make his products to sell in USA. An abusive employer, and the worse thing for a leader of a nation.

Hilary Clinton a very good friend of Donald Trump, his opposition for president who is so commonly changing her mind that the media had to fire people who were intelligent enough to realize her mental state might be failing. Also bad as a leader, someone easy to lead from behind closed doors.

So suddenly it is obvious, why decades of military video games and movies are the main push of Main Stream Media, why apps are touted as the “world’s greatest inventions”. They stop people from thinking.

They outsource thinking, outsource intelligence.

USA government does not want people to think, they are after all the consumers. Good GDP numbers are important to governments of instant “App” societies.

In 1982, the new President Reagan got up in front of the nation and said, “For the America to be GREAT, every country must become consumers like the America.”
It wasn’t the beginning of the end… it was just the Middle of the game, half time was over. All the thinkers in USA had better run for their lives, The 1% elite were starting a new mass media campaign. Pleasure was more important than reality.
Like a religion that tells you to work on making yourself better for a “life after death”, USA was selling that pleasure, not intelligence was more important.
Outsourcing intelligence was now cheaply distributed.
TVs became the important, everyone had to have the biggest TV possible.

Me, I just kept remembering Fahrenheit 451, where politicians were chosen by how pretty or handsome they were. Not how effective they were. A room with 4 walls of TV was the height of Social Status. Or 1984, where a good citizen was a drugged citizen.

USA already had that problem, all to often the newspapers and news media spoke of this person “Looking bad” or “Looking good”. While the effort of the change was ignored. The person’s message was downplayed.

The Peace movement, was “dirty hippies”, while the WAR for freedom was “clean businessmen”. The dead bodies of course were only shown when needed to “rally the Nation” into more buying of “War Bonds”.

Yeah, once again, outsourcing intelligence.

Food coloring & food additives known since late 1930s to cause mental & health issues, was underplayed to “how pretty your food looks.”
Chemicals in drinking water was down played to the idea, it was cheaply sold to you. How great it was to turn on a tap and drink.
USA now leads the world with people on pharmaceutically produced drugs for mental issues & other health issues.

Fracking is everywhere now, cities are shutting down their wells, water too contaminated to be cleaned by any known process.

Great GDP, outsourced intelligence.

Children once the center of attention for learning, are now the byproduct. Schools are more concerned about having National Numbers, than how many of the children go out into the world and “made a difference”.

Outsourced intelligence.

Infrastructure failures, became the source of lawsuits, not the nation’s drive to better infrastructure.
Car manufactures sell defective cars, food processors sell bad products, because lawsuits are cheaper than keeping things proper and ethical.

The world’s environment was too expensive to protect, too many corporations needed to show good profits for the that great world leading GDP number.

USA government, state or federal have decided water, wind, land, heirloom seeds are corporation property. Not a natural item for all to use freely.
Solar energy is “bad mouthed” for getting maybe 100 million dollars each year. While it is forced to pay taxes and “fees” for existing at all.

Oil/Coal Companies on the other hand get 100s of Billions in government handouts each year and have the highest levels of tax write-offs, and consumers don’t care.

Outsourced intelligence.

Monsanto is allowed to sue individual people and companies for saving seeds, for trying to protect heirloom and organic seeds.

Cities across USA have outlawed growing gardens in front yards instead of visual pleasing grass, yet USA has some of the highest numbers underfed people of any “wealthy nation anywhere”.
Homeless people are run out of town, while thousands of vacant building stand as blight in the same cities and towns.

Yeah, outsourcing intelligence again. Why solve a problem when you go eat pleasure pills and not give a damn.

Religion was once the source of compassion, sure they sold prayer for gold, but they also took care of the homeless, the needy.

Now it is all about profit. Because the churches know that the churches get to keep that gold. Gods don’t need what they created in the first place. Nothing physical exists on the Spiritual Realm anyway.

Opps, the outsourced intelligence, tell people “life after death is more important than solving problems”.
No one can demand proof of this “life after death”, the church kicks you out, outsourced intelligence. You are damned and of course those others want their pleasure pills, so they protect a church.

Why think?

Outsourced Intelligence, be it governments or religions, PLEASE, forgive till you are a dead martyr. That way “We Don’t Have To Change!”
No problem, we can make an app for it….. the next billion dollar company or billionaire.

footnote: I am very spiritual, I carry the Rev. 2:17 mark from the Bible. I don’t belong to ANY RELIGION and that mark is a spiritual award on the Spiritual Realm, given by a Spirit, it is not a claim of ownership, just the highest mark possible to get from the Spiritual Realm on this planet.

Simply meaning that if the Spirits in the Spiritual Realm want to talk to me, I can hear them. There are 1000s of churches, therefore, to carry that mark you must hear several thousand “spirits” at least. Opps, I can’t outsource intelligence, I am connected to too many compassionate spiritual beings. I also can and MUST not forgive till I become a “dead martyr”. I must make changes, teach spiritual lessons. I must also have on Open Mind, I have to learn stuff too, just to stay current with the affairs of this planet.

And yes, I don’t have a known human father so I am an SOB for real.

Lovingkindness energy for all. friends or enemies