Fantastic Mistakes
Crisp Apples

Life is fun! Enjoy it!

I create to create, not because it makes money.

Sure I work my butt till it’s sore to do work, creative stuff what ever!

But I will create stuff just for fun, to keep myself going till the next job…

Most people miss on that part of life.

How can you go wrong If you are “Creating something NEW?”

Whatever it is is NEW!

The MASSES & Mass MARKETING want a Proven thing…. that is craftsmanship, not Creating!

I write, draw, paint, photography, sculpt, design, invent, entrepreneur NEW businesses (yes I will shut down a boring business)… it is all creation work!

College, nah, never had time to sit and do nothing but listen to others talk.

50 plus job titles in 7 fields, a dozen businesses in 5 fields, 10s of 1000s of images published, stories/poems/articles published, inventions, weird equipment jury rigged to work “my way”….

wow, way to busy having fun to feel bad about being a “Lone Wolf”.