If you were to die tomorrow, would you be happy with your life?
Benji Hyam

Most people never stop to think about the fact that when You go to sleep at night or during the day,

You are gambling that you will wake up.

We get so use to being told that we will live to 79.4 yr or 85.3 yrs that people talk of their family member or friend being cheated by death.

The person lived as long as was needed by Karma. They did not cheat or be cheated by life.

If you choose to sit in a dark room or go out and be an adventurer that is your choice…. but living your life is your choice.

I am never into movies or TV. I do love reading (expands the mind & imagination) but as an artist I am much more into the flavor of life, and at 58 years old I and still pushing the envelope of life, living on that sharp edge of a knife. My art shows it, my writing talks of it, and the walk I walk is full of flavor. I have started over close to a dozen times, broke or living paycheck to paycheck most my life.

If I die today or in a 100 yrs. I will be happy. If I have no friends when I die it will make no difference because of the people who spent a few moments with me & enjoyed what I share over all the years, are much more meaningful than a box of old birthday cards.

Lovingkindness energy to all.

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