These 24 Daily Habits Will Make You Smarter
Larry Kim

One of the easiest thing to do to make yourself “think smarter” while not necessarily making more brain cells,

Read Science Fiction! Why because those stories are ‘OUTSIDE THE BOX’.

You are reading which means the brain is stimulated, not deaden as in watching TV, movies, music videos, social media games.

2. those stories, having setting not normal make you think ‘in non-normal terms’ and are most importantly are about a Possible future, again making you Expand the mind set.

If you read science, your mind set is science, you forget to dream.

If you read about the past heroes, you dream of being in the past.

If you read about wealth as a Goal, you desire others’ approval, not your own acceptance of yourself. Societies define socially acceptable wealth, a single person’s dreams of inner peace & acceptance of one’s self, has no market value.

Other than that I keep real paper & pen/pencil always at hand. A flashlight and pad/pen by the bed for middle of the night or nap ideas.

I saw several ideas above I use all the time, and am always jumping out of comfort zones to find new paths to walk, no matter how many rocks or potholes along the way.

I love originality so much I can not even memorize my own writings, have never painted the same painting twice while I may do a similar subject several times in paintings.

I do not even set a standard meditation practice time, always ready to jump at the next challenge. Variation is the game plan.

Photography, also I am challenging myself, from film in my 1st darkroom in 1974 to my digital astro-photography/light painting in the birth of digital image age… I can only hope I live long enough to have some major fun with what I do now.

Accept the challenge, life is full of flavor!

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