How to Read Like Your Success Depends on It
Tom Bilyeu

Personally I don’t like audio books that much.

As for reading, well I have lost several 1000 book plus personal libraries in my past.

I am mobile & “remote” now, so I have lots of PDF e-books and write/publish my own.

In High School I took the speed reading class and the teacher, well laid an egg would be a term from those days. I was at 1000 words a minute however I was only at 86% comprehension, so she & I agreed I would work on my comprehension more than speed.

Left the class at the end of the semester in 1975 with 96% comprehension at 1500 words per minute. Scanning speeds of 15,000–20,000, you are not reading but skimming to find part you need to read.

Now days, if you asked how fast I read?

I ask what do you want to know to speed of? Legal, Sci-fi, news stories, books I just need facts of??

A legal document, I am reading at 100–500 words Max. Reason I never lost in a “Legal Courtroom”. I knew my facts and law.

Sci-fi book, 400- 800 I want to read it fast enough to enjoy it, but slow enough for my mind to envision the scenes. If the sci-fi writer is heavy in science I will slow down to study the concepts of his/her science. Larry Niven Ring World Series, Issac Asimov Foundation Series are both a good examples of this.

I have read stuff I don’t like just to add it to my data base in my head.800 to 1000 words per minute slowing down as needed.

I will read conspiracy theory stuff, often just to do the de-bunking myself. “Flat Earth people” just experienced this. They could not handle the facts I present of Photographs taken BY me with professional equipment. They just kept reverting to propaganda videos and admitting no experience with that kind of gear. Having experience & data to back it up scares people.

So reading is the greatest way to learn to learn and be a little smarter than the masses.

You learn to think.